Ethereum Blockchain Solution for Asset Management

Embrace the dynamism of Ethereum and shift from paper-intensive processes to automation, security and transparency. Experience the convenience of customizable assets, streamlined compliance, easy onboarding, prompt asset servicing, and direct distribution.

The Problem

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Asset management institutions that operate through legacy systems fail to match the pace of financial innovations and investors demands. Involvement of multiple intermediaries, compliance and regulatory requirements, slow and complex processes of manual audits lead to fractured fund administration, which is also prone to data manipulation, human error, and fraud. This results in accumulating high costs and poor investor experience. 

The Solutions

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Our asset management solution, built on Ethereum blockchain, can digitize the complete lifecycle of asset regulation. It facilitates managing the end-to-end processes from one single platform by issuing the digital assets on an immutable ledger. A ledger that has in-built compliance functions and automated real-time monitoring of the transactions. The regulators can have real-time oversight of assets and network activities, execute transparent reporting to investors stakeholders, and thus reduce uncertainties and doubts. It helps in simplifying the investor experience and promotes prompt approval and adoption.

Benefits of our Ethereum Solution for Asset Management

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Digitization of assets

Monetize a wider range of assets, as our solution facilitates the digitization of both traditional securities and new financial instruments.

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Fully digital lifecycle

Blockchain-based solutions eliminate the need for third-party asset servicing, reduce human errors and facilitates trackable network governance. This significantly improves efficiency and reduces costs.

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Distribute directly to investors

Distribute your products directly to the investors over a peer-to-peer network, and eliminate the need for a transfer agent, proxy administration fees and asset servicing.

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Meet Investors Demand

Gratify your investors with customizable issuance, rapid time-to-market, and transparent reporting


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Access a wider Markets

Reduced operational costs and simplified processes broaden your access to a wider market of potential investors.

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No more payment delays

Transact with near real-time settlement directly with your investors as blockchain eliminates the need for transfer and paying agents alike intermediaries.

Ethereum Insights

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