Ethereum Blockchain Solution for Payments and Digital Currencies

Embrace the power of our Ethereum solution and streamline your global transactions with automated, digitized, and secured payments. Experience our new payment and digital currency solutions to magnify your ways for instant clearance and settlement, retail transactions, global transfers, and cross-border remittances.

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The Problem


The multi-layered, centralized infrastructure and intermediaries prevailing in the financial institutions delay the payments and impose labor costs, intermediaries commission, and database maintenance charges. The accountants and compliance officials working for financial service providers exhibit unethical behavior, dishonesty, irregular compliance, and long auditing periods. Lack of transparency is a major threat to data breaches.

The Solutions


Ethereum blockchain solution streamlines P2P transactions by eliminating intermediaries, time, and money on legal fees and processing. Smart contracts settle the payments quickly. The record of all transactions in the network reduces the fund management and credit risks. The data immutability improves wholesale, retail, and cross-border payments with high reliability.

Benefits of our Ethereum Solution for Payments and Digital Currencies

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Instant settlement

The payments are settled instantly with minimum overnight batch processing and collateralization risks through automated and decentralized solutions.

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No counterparty risk

Ethereum built solution mitigates credit risk in cross-border payment transactions by allowing payment-versus-payment settlement for transfers in different currencies.

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Increased availability

The feasibility of distributing digital currency on mobile devices increases access to users who are far from bank branches and cannot access cash.

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Transaction efficiency

Fast and immediate transactions of cryptocurrencies avoid lengthy back-office reconciliation processes.

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Transparency and Traceability

The transactions can be easily tracked, which reduces the possibility of double-spending.

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