ERC-20 Token Development

Our team of Ethereum blockchain experts guide and assist you in developing ERC-20 tokens. We build an evolutionary token business with updated security attributes to regulate token transactions and to keep note of the token balances.

Functions of ERC-20 Token

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The ERC-20 standard of token stores and gives the complete information of the total token supply.

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ERC-20 token has the function of giving the owner’s account balance.

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Execute the transfer of a specific number of tokens to a specific address.

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Execute the transfer of a specific number of tokens from a specific address.

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Allow the spender to withdraw a a specified number of tokens from a specific account.
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Return a specified number of tokens from the spender to the owner.

Benefits of ERC-20 Tokens

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Cost Effective

Profit generation done at a low cost.
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Easy to Create

Easy to code For developers, it is easy to create ERC-20 token.
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Shorter Creation Time

ERC20 token creation time is shorter than other tokens.

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Easy to Use

ERC-20 token is characterized by its ease of use.
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Smart Contract Protection

To ensure security measures, smart contracts are developed using this token by default.
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Implemented with Wallet

Use it to implement a cryptocurrency wallet to store and ensure the security of tokens.
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Automatic Trading

Because according to the terms of the contract, once it is made, the coins or assets will be automatically transferred to the encrypted wallet.
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Quick Fundraising

Because of the trust, it has earned in the cryptocurrency world, many people will be happy and excited to invest.

Ethereum Development Tools We Use

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We use local test nodes with Ganache to deploy contracts and to test the interaction of smart contracts.

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We use the programming language tool Solidity, to write the smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

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Our team uses the Truffle Tool for Ethereum Smart Contracts testing and for custom application deployment on public and private networks.

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To build, deploy, and test the solidity smart contracts; we use the Remix IDE tool.

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Our team creates custom Ethereum-based apps using the Embark tool as it provides service monitoring, REPL, and modularity.

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Parity tools are used to build Ethereum dApps, connect independent blockchains, enable smart contracts permissioning on public blockchains.

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