Blockchain based Electronic signature platform for

Secretaria DeEconomia Mexico

Ensuring the validity, unforgeability and uniqueness of signed documents on the blockchain

WeeSign is blockchain-enabled signature platform that allows the users to sign confidential documents digitally on the blockchain. The platform ensures that each signed document remains unforgeable and unique.

Problems in the
Document Signing Industry

No chain of audit
or custody trail


Dependency on the centralized authority

No way to verify the Signed documents

How does WeeSign Work?

WeeSign is built on the Hyperledger Sawtooth framework, allowing users to sign documents, send signing requests and verify the signed documents. As each transaction corresponding to everyaction is recorded on the blockchain, the platform, WeeSign, allows participants on the network to ensure that the documents has not been tampered with and who has signed the documents.

Features of WeeSign

Sign the documents

WeeSign allows the users to upload the document they want to get signed, select the receipents, sign and send the document. Once the document is signed by all signatories, all participants get the signed documents via email.

Validate the documents

Users can also ensure that the documents has not been tampered with by uploading the signed documents. WeeSign compares the content of the uploaded signed document with the document saved originally in it’s private blockchain to validate the documents.

The Final Product

Technology Stack Used 

tracerx technology stack
tracerx technology stack

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