Solana Powered Decentralized Exchange

Attract worldwide crypto traders with our Solana-powered Decentralized Exchanges, designed for user sovereignty, speed, 24/7 liquidity and permission-less trading.
Solana Decentralized Exchange

The Problem

A centralized and traditional mode of exchange has the intervention of an intermediary/third party between two parties. This intervention in traditional exchange makes the transaction process vulnerable to risks like hacking, market manipulations and credential manipulations. As the peer-to-peer transaction is not feasible in a centralized exchange, it charges high transaction fees, especially in a large amount of trading.

The Solution

Solana-powered Decentralized Exchange is a fit solution for the problem of centralized and traditional exchanges. Our Decentralized Exchange Solution solves the problem by empowering our clients with a fast peer-to-peer exchange, eliminating intermediaries. Using decentralized exchange solution, you can safely mitigate hacking risks, avoid fake trading and market manipulation. With our robust exchange solutions, you can also maintain anonymity as they do not require any know-your-customer (KYC) forms.

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Benefits of Our Solana Decentralized Exchange Solution

Range of services

Range of Services

We ensure the complete functionality of our Solana-powered DEXs through end-to-end services like tools development, integration, smart contracts & wallet development and maintenance & upgrade.

No intermediaries

No Intermediaries

Our Solana Decentralized Exchange solution helps eliminate the involvement of middlemen in crypto trading and exchange.. The identities remain anonymous with our peer-to-peer decentralized exchange solution.

24 by 7 Liquidity

24 by 7 Liquidity

Our Solana DEXs is truly decentralized yet efficiently provide 24/7 liquidity with the aid of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that resolves the liquidity issue through liquidity pools.

Minimum cost

Minimum Cost

Our Solana-powered decentralized exchange solution eliminates intermediaries, reducing an additional intermediary cost from the overall exchange cost.

Automated exchange

Automated Exchange

Our optimal Solana smart contracts written in Rust give pre-defined terms for automatically executing transactions resulting in a high TPS rate.

Zero Ambiguity

Zero Ambiguity

Our Solana decentralized exchange solution uses PoH consensus. Hence, every record is distinct with its complete transaction history for future verification, eliminating the scope of ambiguity for our clients.

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