Stellar Activate

Participate in decentralized networks with Stellar Activate to facilitate the management, launch & productive use of crypto assets.

Stakeholders of Stellar Activate

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With Stellar Activate, token holders receive rewards for their active involvement and contribution to the security of the network.
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Decentralized Network

Decentralized networks are dependent on their respective communities to make the transactions valid. We help you guide and create these communities.
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The providers of the staking-as-a-service fill in the gap between the Stellar platform and token holders. Our team offers a marketplace for the token holders connecting them with the staking providers.

Benefits of Stellar Activate Product for Token Holders

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Get Everything in One Place

With Stellar Activate, you can get good rewards, alter your network utilization, and purchase tokens, all on a unified platform.
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Effortless Vigilance

Easy tracking of network data, current events, and transactions to make analyzed and comprehensive decisions.
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Upgrading Rewards

Earn rewards for staking the tokens that you own and optimize returns with our educational workshops.

Features of Stellar Activate Product

Get a compatible experience for the decentralized Stellar platform

For Decentralized Networks

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Distribution and Facilitated Launch

You can run your tokens and the complete network launches with newly created user onboarding.

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Proof of Use

Minimize speculative intent and increase regulatory compliance by offering token holders to utilize (e.g. stake) their tokens before giving them for other reasons

For Staking-as-a-Service-Providers

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Dynamic Staking Marketplace

You can instantly start earning your passive delegation after posting your services for the community of our token holders.

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Core Focus

Focus on infrastructure security services while we accelerate management and onboarding.

For Token Holders

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Easy Token Staking

Start gaining rewards and delegate or stake your tokens to the staking providers.

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Trustworthy Rewards Calculator

You can estimate profitability and compute the rewards of projected staking for the pre-determined lock-up periods.

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