Stellar Asset-backed Token Solution

We help our clients to digitize their tangible and intangible assets, convert them into tokens and launch them on the Stellar blockchain. Using the Stellar decentralized network, users can hold, track and transfer any assets, including crypto, fiat currency, gold, and other value tokens.

The Problem

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The traditional utility tokens provide access to certain products/services using the blockchain DLT technology, yet these tokens lack a unique value proposition. They are not programmed to represent an actual legal asset.


The Solution

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To overcome the problem of liquidity, we offer our clients the solution through implementing asset-backed tokens. Stellar asset-backed tokens correlate with the external real-world asset having tangible value. It also eliminates the need for intermediaries to validate transactions or authenticate the participants.

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Advantages of Stellar Asset Tokenization

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Greater accessibility and liquidity of assets

The decentralized blockchain technology allows anyone in the world to tokenize their assets and sell them at any time. It also allows to include illiquid assets such as real estate, artworks, cars, private company interests, etc. Thus, blockchain removes all the barriers to investment and allows greater liquidity.
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Data stored on the blockchain remains immutable. People interested in creating, buying or selling tokens can assure that the transaction records and asset information are accurate. The records are verified and are not modifiable once recorded on the blockchain.
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Blockchain enables the asset owner and its buyer to interact directly, eliminating all the intermediaries. Thus, it significantly reduces the cost that was normally spent on third-party services.
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Fractional ownership

The Stellar asset-backed token solution allows the asset owner to split it into as many parts as possible. The ability to split the assets provides the ability to own them partially. The ability of fractional ownership attracts a huge number of investors and provides greater asset liquidity.
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Bringing transparency to the system is the intrinsic characteristic of blockchain: all the transactions happening on the network are available to all its participants. It allows users to track the entire history of actions associated with the particular asset, track the provenance and see how its ownership has been transferred.

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