Stellar Compliance

Bring trust in digital assets with reliable AML-CFT solutions to eliminate frauds and financial crimes.

Automated and trusted compliance built on KYT


Stellar compliance empowers businesses to address rigorous regulations and keep away hefty penalties by delivering advanced compliance capabilities that include high-risk case management, KYT frameworks and real-time reporting.

Features of Stellar Compliance

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Risk management

Manage multiple settings across global divisions to support international operations.

Software Development

Risk assessment

Perform risk assessment by generating real-time AML reports, including compliance and risk status for all digital assets.

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Risk investigation

Keep regular track of platform activities, transactions, user behavior, and fund flow. Perform data analysis and capture trends to get informed business strategies.

Benefits of Stellar Compliance

Software Development

Operational efficiency

Achieve operational efficiency with streamlined risk assessment tools.

Software Development

Actionable insights

View and analyze trends, break down the risk exposure level and investigate skeptical assets and transfers in detail.

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Customizable criteria

Facilitate global operations with multiple regulation configurations from a single access point.

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Versatile settings

Follow FATF guidelines in any administration without interrupting process flows.

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