Stellar Data

Measure digital asset performance, evaluate DeFi protocol security and token issuance with comprehensive Data and Risk Analytics.

Data and Risk Analytics for Digital assets and DeFi protocols

Stellar Data offers a suite of Data and Risk analysis tools to help investors better understand and measure the trade-offs and risks of deploying capital into the DeFi space.

Product Benefits

Software Development

Risk management

Evaluate and measure the factors including financial risk, centralization and smart contracts to determine a protocol’s DeFi Score.
Software Development

Composable framework

Design risk-adjusted returns and provide knowledge on the risks of deploying capital into DeFi protocol to the users.

Software Development

Standardized score

DeFi protocols are associated with the standard 0-10 score based on platform risks, time to market, administrative safeguards, and technical vulnerabilities.

Software Development

Yield comparisons

Make informed capital decisions by leveraging the data obtained from evaluating the DeFi yield opportunities for total and risk-adjusted returns
Software Development

Protocol transparency

Get absolute visibility into the centralized components that majorly determine risk levels, including digital asset pricing oracles and admin keys.
Software Development

Data monitoring

Inspect key admin details, public audits, on-chain activity and oracle dependency of DeFi protocols to inform essential decisions.

Measure DeFi risks and assess digital assets with Stellar Data