Become an XDC Ambassador

Learn, earn and connect with the global XDC community.

In line with the mission to grow the XDC community, the ambassador program is designed to educate people and drive awareness about the decentralized web3.

About the XDC Ambassador Program

The XDC ambassador program opens the door to the wider XDC community.

The participating individuals offer consistent and valued contributions to promote the right knowledge and widespread adoption of the XDC blockchain. These ambassadors are the key contributors to building a blockchain-educated community.

This program is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students willing to explore and build their future around decentralized blockchain technology. Through this program, ambassadors get the opportunity to work closely with the XDC blockchain by ideating and launching exciting initiatives, organizing events, meetups and activities promoting blockchain education and capturing increased engagements.

Ambassador Responsibilities

The XDC Ambassador is responsible for promoting blockchain and XDC awareness by engaging students in conversations about the future of the decentralized web and XDC’s role in it through educational content and events.

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XDC Events

Host events in your community to talk about blockchain, decentralized web and XDC’s role in building Web 3.

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Engage the Community

Organize events, hackathons and discussions on XDC Network for improved community engagement and awareness.

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Spread Awareness about XDC

Post news and updates about the XDC Network to invite interaction. Engage with the XDC community online and share views to help develop the ecosystem.

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Provide Reports

Submit a monthly report of the participants, events held, and other details using the Ambassador Report form.

Who is eligible to become an ambassador?

  • A current student registered with an accredited university
  • Available for 5-10 hours per week
  • Personable, ambitious and driven
  • Have technical skills

Ambassador Benefits

To strengthen the decentralized community of XDC Network, we empower the ambassadors with full support and worthy compensation for their activities. These benefits include monthly compensation and other advantages including:

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Learn from the XDC ecosystem experts through meetups and training.

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Global exposure

Opportunity to expand your reach and mark your presence at the international level.

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Take the first step to start your blockchain career and be the preferred candidate for internships and jobs in the XDC ecosystem.

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Get rewarded for your contributions and enjoy the benefit of additional perks and bonuses.

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Opportunity to connect and learn with global blockchain leaders and enthusiasts.

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Learn from your ambassadorship experiences and become the blockchain leader of tomorrow.

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