XDC Network Stats

An open-source analytics platform for tracking XDC Network’s performance metrics for speed, security, efficiency and node activity in real time.


XDC Network Stats is a unified dashboard that presents real-time statistics about node activities, speed information and other performance metrics of the XDC Blockchain. The platform provides users with an analytical overview of active nodes, nodes’ geolocations, node history, network uptime, transaction fees and block time.



While the XDC Foundation was expanding its XDC Blockchain ecosystem to make the network more intrinsic for digitization, tokenization, and quick transaction settlement, it planned to introduce certain open-source platforms to help users gain increased visibility into the XDC Network or Blockchain.

To begin with, the foundation wanted a blockchain crawler that can explore the XDC blockchain, run queries and fetch real-time statistics regarding the network’s nodes, speed and efficiency, similar to how a web crawler browses and identifies keyword-relevant recently published web pages and indexes them to the search engine’s data structure.



As a solution to the requirement, we built XDC Network Stats. It’s an open-source analytics platform that provides users transparent insights into XDC Network node activities and performance metrics like efficiency, security, and speed.

The tool functions as a blockchain crawler that uses a node discovery protocol to query the nodes on the XDC network, collect and aggregate data, and then display it through the node explorer user interface. Over a comprehensive dashboard, this platform presents node activities, speed information, and network efficiency data such as gas frees, transaction rate and uptime.

EVM-compatible Blockchain Network Explorer | XDC Network Stats


Node Statistics

Node Statistics
  • Active nodes provide the count for the currently active nodes on-chain.
  • Countries pinpoints the country wise geolocation of the active nodes.
  • Node History displays the number of nodes created in the previous seven day.

Speed Information

Speed Information
  • Average Block Time specifies the average time required to create a block.
  • Best Block is the total number of blocks created on the network.
  • Last Block specifies the time when the latest block was created.

Network Efficiency

Node Statistics
  • Gas Price on the XDC Network is displayed on real-time.
  • Average transaction rate specifies the average time required to complete a transaction.
  • Uptime highlights the XDC network’s up and running status in percentage.

Node Table

Node Table
  • Node Activity Table displays live updates for over 200 network nodes.
  • Pin a Node ensures that the pinned node always appears at the top.
  • Search by Node name facilitates search for specific nodes by node names.

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