XDC Observatory

The block explorer and analytics platform for real-time viewing and monitoring of the XDC Network.


XDC Observatory is a decentralized block watcher to view transactions, blocks, smart contracts, wallet addresses and other on-chain information of XDC Network in real-time. Beyond basic functionalities, the platform provides advanced features like analytics, sorting and filtering. Accessible as a web application, it’s a completely free platform compatible with all devices and operating systems


As development partners for XDC Foundation, we were tasked to create multiple ecosystem tools for the XDC blockchain. This particular project aimed to create a Block Explorer that would allow users to search the XDC Network for real-time data such as transactions, contracts and block data. Also, the explorer must function as an analytical platform for users to better understand the XDC blockchain, its wallets, smart contracts, tokens, and dApps. The intended output was to improve users’ convenience-of-use and make the network more intrinsic for digitization, tokenization, and quick settlement of trade transactions.

The Solution

As a solution to the requirement, we created XDC Observatory. This Decentralized block watcher allows users to search the XDC Network in real-time for data related to transactions, blocks, smart contracts, wallet addresses, and other on-chain information. The platform presents the network’s data through well-structured tables pinned with analytics, sorting and filter functionality. Account log-in provides users access to unique features like private tag, transaction label, create watchlist. It’s a free platform with a nice blue and white design interface compatible with all devices and operating systems.


The Search Bar

Streamline your search using the ‘search bar’ drop-down menu with five filters: Addresses, Blocks, Tokens and Transactions. This Search Bar appears on every subsequent page of the XDC Observatory,

Latest Blocks

On the home page, get quick details about blocks such as most recently mined blocks, block height, no. of transactions submitted on a block, the timestamp for each block created and so on.


View account details for users in an table format, supported with the sorting functionality to rearrange the data in ascending and descending order.


Perform a token-based search to browse for any specific token in the XDC Network, and get to view token details such as Token symbols, Token names, associated smart contract, total supply, etc.

User-Activity Analytics

View the users’ daily activities through visually representative graphs for segments like; XDC balance, Transactions, XDC transfers, Token transfers

What’s New

Create Watchlist to stay notified of incoming transactions to your selected account addresses.

Add transaction label to a transaction hash and easily track the account in the future.

Add a private tag to an address of your interest and easily keep track of it.

We use GlobaliD to keep your personal information and the XDC Network safe.

Recent Searches shows all your searched keywords

Check Market Price of each token associated with XDC blockchain

Final Product

Technology Used

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