Our Work

Mobile products we created for startups and enterprises,
with user-centered design and robust, scalable code.

Bluetooth Speaker Controls and Feature Extension

The RIVA Turbo X Ground Control mobile application gives users complete control over the Bluetooth speakers and the ability to enhance their music experience. Learn More >

Enabling Customized Sales Collateral Delivery

The mobile app contains all the programming highlights and schedules for a sporting calendar, from which the sales team selects content relevant to each client and emails it to them in a customizable presentation. Learn More >

Tournament Reporting Mobile App

The MyWPT app lets you chat with casino or WPT staff or text the live updates team if you think an interesting hand is happening, along with many other features. Learn More >

Browsing and Bidding on Jet Engines

The mobile application gives users access to the company’s current catalog, allowing for browsing in detail, reserving or bidding on jet engines. Learn More >

Route Planning and Enhancement Of E-Bike Features

The GenZe app provides GenZe’s users with location-based information from weather to optimized routes as well as essential battery, mileage, and safety information regarding their e-bike and e-scooter. Learn More >

Door-to-Door Selling Made Easy

The Oberweis Door-to-Door app gives their sales teams a method for keeping track of addresses visited, all sales team performances, statistics, orders, time spent and other useful details. Learn More >

Helping Insurance Agents Customize Client Proposals

The GWC Warranty Dealer mobile app gives dealers comprehensive and customizable information regarding GWC Warranty to streamline their sales process. Learn More >

The Uber Equivalent For Package Deliveries

The UPEDS mobile application gives users access to the delivery service enabling them to easily schedule package pick-ups, track deliveries, and process payments. Learn More >

Enabling and Encouraging Social Media Interaction at Events

The Big Picture application gives event-goers a unique way to capture, preserve, and share their branded pictures by enabling immediate photo customization along instant social media sharing ability. Additionally, the app provides the marketing team with valuable analytical data on everyone that used the app during each event. Learn More >

Search, Plan and Book Cruises

The Cruise Finder mobile application is equipped with a plethora of information around which users can browse, select, and plan their desired route and itinerary. Learn More >

Presenting Custom Sponsorship at Conferences and Events

The application for use by internal team members at events and conferences worldwide is to be able to present customers with customized content from their catalog. Learn More >

Tank Mixing Algorithm In Your Hands

The Mix Tank application enables agricultural applicators to view the proper tank mixing sequence of crop protection products. Learn More >

Making Referral Programs Go Viral and Mobile

The GetTheReferral mobile application allows business owners and re-affiliates to keep track of the complete GetTheReferral process. Learn More >

Troubleshooting Refrigerator App For Engineers

The Sporlan troubleshooting app gives users an easy method to self-diagnose and repair issues via an interactive interview mode. Learn More >

Pathology Content Organized For Easy Access

The PathLead mobile application is an educational tool meant for use by healthcare professionals in the field of surgical pathology and diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC). Learn More >

Creating Interactive 3D Models on iPad

The Laser Pegs mobile application recreates the joy of the Laser Pegs® game in a 3D virtual interface and makes it mobile with additional exciting features. Learn More >

Sales Enablement Tool For Marketing Content

The NanaWall mobile application gives its internal sales team mobile access to their portfolio and sales collateral. Learn More >

Track Cattle Using RFID Readers

The CattleTag mobile application integrates with the CattleSoft software to give cattle owners the ability to scan cattle tags and update information. Learn More >

Making Training Assessment and Validation Easy

The mobile app, for use by supervisors and managers, allows them to monitor quickly, interact, validate training, and train employees in conjugation with Alchemy System’s solutions. Learn More >

Making Paper Catalogs Go Mobile

The mobile app gives Bimba’s internal sales team the ability to view company news, browse the fully customizable catalog as per required marketing collateral, and various other features. Learn More >