A secure and scalable automated token creation tool for building complex smart contracts with a few clicks.

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XDC Origin


XDC Origin is a no-code tokenization tool designed to provide businesses and enterprises with rigorously tested smart contract frameworks. It supports the creation, deployment, issue, and management of XRC tokens on the XDC Network. As an open-source and free-to-use smart contract tokenization platform, Origin is optimized for zero-code development of XRC20 and XRC721 tokens, enabling even naive developers to build on the XDC ecosystem.



  • Enterprises frequently need to create and issue different tokens to regulate their business. However, smart contracts and token creation often require a technical team, months of work, and thousands of dollars as an investment.

  • Individual projects or enterprises commencing their new business often seek to leverage the use cases of XRC tokens, but usually, there is a hesitation in investing hugely in hiring developers to deal with the complexities of token and smart contract creation.

  • Managing separate projects for multiple blockchains or using unique ecosystem tools to create tokens is tiresome for most developers.


  • Origin simplifies the token and smart contract creation process, enabling users with no blockchain development experience to create tokens, manage their tokens, and deploy new assets on the XDC Network in minutes.

  • Enterprises can leverage Origin’s free and open-source platform to create and manage multiple XRC tokens with advanced features, including “burn,” “pausing,” or ownership transfer mechanisms with a fraction of a penny as transaction fees.

  • Built to support XDC Network’s ecosystem and supported blockchains- XDC Blockchain and Ethereum, Origin enables interoperability, helping brands to create and issue tokens on different ecosystems using a single multifunction tool.


Features of XDC Origin


Verified Contracts

XDC Origin provides the simplest yet secure means to create and deploy verified smart contracts in a few steps with no coding, removing the technical barriers to entry into the XDC ecosystem.


Wallet Integration

Origin enables quick integration to the wallet. Users can create tokens, mint them on the XDC Network and add the minted token directly to any supported wallet for trading & exchange purposes.


Feature Integration

Origin enables users to add features like minting, burning, pausing and instant ownership transfer to the respective token contract, making more feature-specific tokens.

Integration with Observatory

Integration with Observatory

XDC Observatory, a block explorer, is integrated into the XDC Origin that allows the users to check complete details about transactions, blocks, tokens, and more.

Get Started With Origin

Access the XDC ecosystem, create a variety of tokens and issue digital assets in seconds — explore Origin trusted by numerous brands and enterprises across the globe.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect Your Wallet

Open the XDCOrigin website and connect your XDCPay wallet to the portal. Once your wallet is connected, you can access the portal on the Origin’s dashboard- Create Contract, Deploy Saved Contracts, and Manage Deployed Tokens.

Create XRC Tokens

Create XRC Tokens

The Create Contract portal allows you to enter the complete token details such as token name, token symbol, token image, and decimal value. You also need to add tokenomics and Pausable, Burnable, and Mintable features for the token smart contract.

Deploy Saved Tokens

Deploy Saved Tokens

Origin displays offer two options, either to immediately deploy the created tokens or Save Draft to be able to make changes in the token smart contract later. Once you complete the transaction, your new token will be deployed automatically.

Manage Contracts

The Manage Contracts portal is where all the tokens saved as drafts are visible. Choose a token and click on the manage button beside it. It allows you to pause the contract or resume it, mint more tokens to increase the initial supply, burn tokens to decrease the initial supply and transfer the contract’s ownership to others.

What’s new on Origin?

Custom NFT collection

Custom NFT collection

Create a custom NFT collection to mint multiple NFTs into it and save your favorite digital assets in a secure place.

Upgrade Token Contract

Upgrade Token Contract

Upgrade your token contract anytime and enhance its function by activating the “Upgradable” feature during the token creation process



Search any tokens by their name inside the “Manage Contract” portal and continue making changes to the contract.

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