A Reliable Frontier for Development

XDC blockchain is a developer-friendly Delegated Proof of Stake network (XDPoS) powering a wide range of blockchain use cases by enabling instant block finality, interoperable smart contracts, and hybrid relay bridges.

Comparison Criteria




Average gas fee

$15 USD $10 USD $0.000001 USD

Consensus mechanism

Proof of Work Proof of Work Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS)


1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation

Smart Contract support

No Yes Yes

Transactions per second

3-6 TPS 30 TPS 2000+ TPS

Tap into a Fairer Financial System

XDC Network’s DeFi system implements the XDPoS consensus mechanism to provide a fair and democratic environment, making XDC protocol the language of core banking and other finance systems.


XDC Observatory

XDC Observatory is the blockchain explorer that enables users to explore the entire XDC network in real-time for the data of transactions, blocks, smart contracts, wallet addresses, and other on-chain information. It’s a free platform that works with all devices and operating systems.



XDC Network Stats

XDC Network Stats provides users with real-time data, including the total number of active nodes and their geolocation, transaction fees, block time, and pertinent performance metrics on a comprehensive dashboard.



XDC Origin

Origin is an innovative platform for smart contract development on the XDC Network that supports the automated creation of XRC standard-compatible tokens on the XDC Network. These token standards come in multiple formats, including XRC20 and XRC223 for fungible assets, XRC721 for non-fungible assets, and XRC888 for fixed-income financial instruments.




We built Java, Rust, .Net, PHP, Go, DART, iOS and Android SDKs to broaden the access of projects to build on XDC Network. These ready-to-install SDKs facilitate more convenient applications development on the XDC Network by allowing developers to quickly integrate programming API, smart contracts, and tokens into the XDC protocol.




XDCPay is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It facilitates easy transactions and allows users to store their tokens securely on the responsive web wallet application.

Benefits of XDC Blockchain

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Layer 1 Blockchain

XDC Network is the Layer 1 blockchain providing you the foundational blockchain ecosystem to build and expand your business globally.

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Hybrid Blockchain

XDC blockchain combines the power of public and private blockchain, providing the hybrid network architecture for institutional use in trade finance and asset tokenization.

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Interoperable Smart Contracts

XDC Network supports all EVM-compatible smart contract standards, including XRC-20, XRC-721 and XRC-1155, enabling efficient cross-chain token transfers.

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Consensus Mechanism

XDC Network implements the XDPoS consensus mechanism designed to select network validators by having coin holders delegate their votes. It is the fastest, most efficient, decentralized and flexible consensus model in use today.
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Highly Secure

Through its hybrid architecture and XDPoS consensus, the XDC blockchain ensures the security of sensitive data and is well-positioned to be a reliable blockchain for global trade and finance.

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Negligible Gas Fees

XDC Network facilitates cross-border transactions and real-time settlement at nearly no cost to the users. Transactions on the XDC blockchain cost less than one-millionth of an XDC.

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