Stellar App Development

Harness the experience of our blockchain development experts and fintech consultants to build customized blockchain applications on the top of the Stellar blockchain platform. We help you leverage the benefits of the Stellar platform.

stellar app development service

We Advance Enterprise Adoption of Stellar Blockchain Technology

We design and build scalable Stellar blockchain apps for startups and enterprises. Our experts help you drive success at all stages of Stellar implementation and app development.

Our Stellar App Development Offerings

Software Development

Strategic Advisory

We help gain insight into business model prototyping, market analysis, use case discovery and POCs to develop successful Stellar blockchain applications.

Software Development

Design and Development of Stellar Apps

We discover and design a prototype for the Stellar app from proof of concept and convert that into a real solution by developing it using Stellar’s API server, Horizon and SDKs.

Software Development

Migration to Stellar Platform

If you have any existing web/mobile app that you want to migrate to the Stellar platform or upgrade your app’s Stellar version, our Stellar experts are there to assist you.

Software Development

Post-Development Maintenance and Support

To ensure that the node is always up and running and the app does not see any downtime, our Stellar blockchain experts can provide you maintenance and support services once the development is done.

Products That Can Be Built Using Stellar

Software Development

Custom Payment Apps

We build a custom payment app that allows end-users to make payments in a secure and frictionless way.

Software Development

Mobile Wallet App

Our experts have built a user-centric and secure mobile wallet that seamlessly transfers and manages funds.

Software Development

P2P Lending Apps

We develop P2P lending applications on the Stellar platform that allows borrowers and lenders to communicate directly.

Software Development

Micropayment Apps

We build micropayment applications that help users to pay off incremental payments.

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