Stellar Payments Solution

Leverage our Stellar Payments Solution and carry out frictionless low-cost international payments.

Payment & Money

The Problem

Payment Problem

Traditional payment systems usually face challenges due to slow payment processing, low security and transparency. International payments sometimes entail unpredictable currency exchange rates. Moreover, outdated operational systems make the execution of payment processes even more challenging.

The Solution

Payment Solution

Our Stellar Blockchain Payments Solution ensures to resolve all the prevailing challenges and provide a secure, low-cost and transparent payment system.

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Benefits of our Stellar Payment Solution

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No Intermediaries

Our Stellar payment solution allows no intermediaries in the payment system. The Stellar blockchain itself acts as a source of trust; it confirms the integrity of transactions and ensures the system’s transparency.
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Low Cost

Our Stellar Payment Solution eliminates intermediaries; therefore, the commission amount is deducted from the transaction cost. So, we easily provide the benefit of low-cost transactions to the users.
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Increased Security

All information is added with an associated secured hash, unique ID and timestamp. The immutable nature of Stellar blockchain makes the transactions tamper-proof, thus, eliminates all the risks of cyberattacks.
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Every record stored on the Stellar blockchain is unique and thus leaves no space for ambiguity or duplicate data on the chain.
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High Speed

Our Stellar Payment Solution confirms transactions within seconds. The real-time processing of payments can assist the beneficiaries with early access and better utilization of funds.
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The participants of our Stellar blockchain network can access and view the ledger of transactions anytime.

Use cases of Stellar Blockchain in Payments


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Cross-border Payments

Our Stellar payments solution handles cross-border payments efficiently without the requirement of any third-party authorizations.
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Trade Finance

Trade finance refers to financial activities related to international trade. With our Stellar blockchain payments solution, trade finance processes become more easy and manageable.
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Peer-to-peer Transfers

Our Stellar payment solution enables users to transfer funds from one account to another directly.

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