Stellar Wallet Development Services

We build digital wallets on the Stellar network to help you store and send your digital assets. With our expertise in blockchain, our team of Stellar blockchain developers can develop wallets for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web and desktop. 


Our Stellar Wallet Development Offerings

Software Development

Mobile Wallet

Get a robust and secure wallet for iOS and Android platforms. By integrating market-leading features, we ensure that the mobile wallet offers the best user experience and is compatible with multiple mobile devices.

Software Development

Desktop Wallet

Our Stellar blockchain developers build ready-to-install desktop wallet applications for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Desktop wallets developed by our team allow users to store their private keys on their systems.

Software Development

Web Wallet

We empower your users to transfer, manage and store their assets via a web wallet securely. Our Stellar Blockchain experts build web wallets with advanced security features, a user-friendly interface and multi-currency support.

Software Development

Multicurrency Support Wallet

We create multi-currency wallets with user-friendly UI/UX that support multiple popular crypto coins like ETH, Litecoin, BTC, ERC-20 tokens, altcoins and many other crypto tokens. It enables your users to store multiple crypto assets in a single wallet.

Our Stellar Wallet Development Features

Software Development

Two-factor Authentication

Users can maintain the security of their accounts with two-factor authentication. It adds an extra layer of security to the wallet app by asking users to authenticate via two methods.

Software Development

Integration With Other Wallets

We design and create wallets that are portable and can be easily integrated into existing applications via API. It keeps the value of legacy systems intact providing them with a secure and reliable wallet solution.

Software Development

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our Stellar Blockchain Team builds a stellar wallet solution that supports platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. We ensure that users can access the wallet on any device.

Software Development

Multi-Layer Security

We implement industry-grade security features to achieve a highly secure wallet infrastructure to transfer, receive and store numerous crypto assets without compromising security.

Software Development

Chrome Extension

We design a wallet in a way that gets integrated with Google Chrome which is the common platform among crypto investors and allows them to access the wallet easily and quickly.

Software Development

In-Chat Transactions

With built-in chat functionality, users can quickly and easily exchange their crypto assets without any restrictions and without having the need to go to a decentralized exchange platform.

Software Development

QR Code Scanner

By integrating the QR Code Scanner feature in the wallet apps, we enable users to scan the wallet address automatically via QR code and simplify the exchange of crypto assets.

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