Digital Twins and Simulations

Our digital twins are designed for real-world entities so you can implement and integrate them into your metaverse’s virtual reality. They run simulations using sensor data from physical objects and facilitate close monitoring and performance optimization.

The Problem

Digital twins are where the physical and virtual worlds coalesce. The amalgamation of both spaces opens the floodgates to several innovations and opportunities, such as predictive analysis, simulation, monitoring, optimization, and eventually the metaverse.

Converting a physical environment into a 3D metaverse involves incorporating the digital version of physical assets into the metaverse, producing digital twins. These digital twins are the fundamental building blocks of a metaverse. However, digital twin design, development, and integration into the metaverse is the real challenge. Design implementation of the metaverse, linking of physical objects in digital form with pertinent AI data, synchronization of digital twins, and rendering a 3D space require extensive expertise in the performance of complex simulations.

The Solution

LeewayHertz’s team of skillful designers and developers present the solution to the problem of digital twin implementation into metaverse projects. Powered by revolutionary technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, computing, and analytics, we model a digital replica of a physical environment, which may comprise buildings, cars, factories, or anything important to you. Once the digital twins are modeled, the most crucial process is to enliven and synchronize them with the metaverse environment and its elements. Our digital twin solution enables you to re-create your physical assets in the virtual metaverse world, where your live data are constantly fed.

Benefits of Digital Twins and Simulations

Accelerated Risk Management

Digital twins provide the scope to synthesize the system for unexpected scenarios, identify risk mitigation strategies, and implement risk assessment processes.

Predictive Maintenance

Powered by IoT sensors and AI/ML algos, digital twins provide the ability to accurately schedule predictive maintenance, improve overall efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Digital twins enable users to remotely access, monitor, and control system performance in real time.

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