Rental Space Services

Conduct live events and meetings in a customized rental 3D space and explore innovative Metaverse utilities at a minimal cost. We provide our metaverse spaces on a monthly or yearly subscription basis for professionals, enterprises and social groups. From one compact 3D space to many connectable spaces, we have plenty of rental plans for you to select from.

Our Metaverse Rental Services

Business Meeting Space

We provide rental meetings and workspace for people to organize conferences and meetings in a realistic virtual environment at a very low cost. We can customize these rental meeting spaces with innovative possibilities on the Metaverse platform.

NFT Exhibition and Product launches

We provide rental spaces for the NFT users and traders to showcase their digital arts with the help of digital tokens on a 3D immersive platform. These exhibitions and product launch spaces support art shows, live auctions and product launches inside our VR auditorium.

Product Showroom Space

We also offer product showroom spaces for showcasing various commodities at a low cost with a dimension of 1000×1000 and with the permission of hosting 100 visitors in that space.


Explore our Metaverse Space in 3D

We specialize in building tailor-made metaverse solutions across all industries

Why Choose Us for Metaverse Rental Services

Get started for free

We provide a free 3D rental space service, where the users can host upto 10 concurrent visitors at one time and have their choice of one avatar. It is good for people who want to step into the Metaverse initially.

Custom rental solutions

We provide tailored rental Metaverse spaces for startups and enterprises with unlimited innovative possibilities like hosting 1000 people at a time, teleportation to different spaces and selecting from various avatars.

Monthly subscription

Our monthly rental Metaverse plans are divided based on different users and organizations. Startups, individual metaverse users, professionals and enterprises can choose from our different rental plans.

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Once you let us know your requirement, our technical expert will schedule a call and discuss your idea in detail post sign of an NDA. 
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