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We develop blockchain applications on Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and Hashgraph

Building Digital Platforms Using Blockchain

We are an experienced blockchain development company with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. We can build decentralized ledger applications faster and risk free.

The blockchain is an open, immutable distributed ledger for recording the history of transactions. A new generation of applications is being built to establish trust, bring transparency and reliability in a business process. Businesses can transact with less friction and more trust using distributed ledger technology like Blockchain or Hashgraph.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

We build permissioned and private blockchain applications for enterprises to improve business efficiency and significantly reduce their infrastructure cost and middleman expenses. We help our clients to build a secure, faster and transparent business process.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart contracts are digital protocols created for validating conditions of a legal contract between two or more parties. We create Smart Contracts on Ethereum and other platforms. These self-executing coded contracts automate business processes and bring trust in a transaction.

dApp Development

dApps (Decentralized Application) are applications that run on a P2P network rather than a single computer. We combine expertise in multiple domains including Mobile apps, Web Front End, Microservices and Smart Contracts. 

ICO Launch Services

Our ICO consulting service includes design and development of Whitepaper, Token Website, Smart Contract using Ethereum, NEO, Waves or Nxt. We also engage in marketing, investor outreach, and support to the community and end customers.

Our Blockchain Development Process

We have put together the best team of blockchain developers on board to develop and design all the services ranging from simple to advanced Blockchain architecture. Our skillful expertise in Blockchain development services will analyze your requirements and help you familiarize with the possibilities of this technology to meet your business specifications.

blockchain development company

Get down to business and get the ball rolling. Hire our Blockchain developers and understand the gamut of Blockchain development services that can help you increase your business productivity.

Our Blockchain Development Experience


Freight Tracking on Blockchain

This freight tracking solution enables shippers, logistics companies, brokers and carriers to track shipments with increased accuracy in real time. The platform handles data exchange and transactions securely over the blockchain platform, ensuring shipments without delays and frauds. The platform can handle millions of events without friction and track shipments end-to-end.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

A Pharma Supply Chain Company

LeewayHertz created an application to track the movement of drugs from the manufacturer to the end consumer at international locations. The Blockchain technology helps maintain trust between all parties by eliminating a lot of paper work and defining the process in the form of smart contracts. The platform helps keeps transparency between all stakeholders at every given time ensuring no counterfeit medications slips because of lack in security.

Blockchain Use Cases in Top 10 Industries

Blockchain technologies we use



A decentralized public platform that runs blockchain applications



A one-stop solution for Smart Contract Technologies and Open Source Blockchain



The best solution for managing financial agreements



A unique approach to empower the business

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Everything you should know about Hashgraph

Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity for its ability to manage transactions securely over last few years. Bitcoin was the first application of Blockchain that does not require any central authority to perform the transactions. Though Bitcoin operates transparently, it takes more than one hour to complete one transaction.

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