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File Retrieval Dashboard

A Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN) dashboard designed to enable Filecoin users to monitor the performance of top file retrieval networks. The platform collects and processes data from diverse data sources and presents real-time performance metrics on an easy-to-understand and comprehensive dashboard.

A Web3 File Retrieval Network Monitoring Dashboard for the FileCoin users to evaluate and select the best suitable file retrieval network for Web3 storage.


With numerous organizations providing information over the internet today, there is an enormous demand for distribution mechanisms to deliver that data to those who require it. This is the reason content delivery networks (CDNs) exist. Because these networks are globally scattered, when a user requests data from a certain website, the resolver locates the nearest CDN node (known as a point-of-presence, or POP) and uses it as the “home” for the information. This reduces the time it takes for that information to load.

CDNs, however, have restrictions. While they serve most of the world’s internet usage well, there are specific locations in which there aren’t any POPs. Similarly, CDNs are handy for users, but their hosters must bear exorbitant prices. To improve on these points, a complete dashboard of different decentralized content delivery networks (dCDNs) is the need of the hour.


File Retrieval Dashboard is a one-stop solution for people who want to choose from multiple dCDNs based on their speed and retrieval performance. It is automated using smart contracts written in the Lurk programming language. This file retrieval dashboard envisions getting the best speed for file extraction from a decentralized storage network. It monitors the top 5 dCDNs, which comprise and, Estuary, Meson and IPFS Gateway.

Using this dashboard, Filecoin users can evaluate and pick the optimal file retrieval channel by measuring their performance based on crucial features such as TTFB (time to the first byte), TTLB (time to the final byte), and geo-locations from where the Network is receiving the data today.


FileCoin Switch Between Different Networks

Switch between different networks

It helps to switch between the top 5 dCDNs providing each dCDN’s network name, geo-location, ID, duration, average speed, best speed and worst speed.

FileCoin Track Real Time Historical Performance

Track real-time or historical performance

It provides real-time tracking of the top 5 decentralized content delivery networks through a graph based on specific speed in a given duration.

Visualise the performance of CDN by the bars

Visualize the performance of dCDN by the bars

It reflects the real-time performance of dCDN using heat bars based on the various geo-locations and the speed it has in those locations

Monitor any network performance by the map

Monitor any network performance by the map

It also represents dCDN’s performance by marking it on the map via geo-locations, which is based on the network’s real-time performance metrics like TTFB and TTLB.

Final Product

Filecoin Retrieval Dashboard
Filecoin Retrieval Dashboard Tech-stack