Virtual Working Space Solutions

Integrate our next-gen workstation solutions via synchronized metaverse spaces, and engage your employees in a distant yet real-time work environment.

The Problem

In a remote work setup where employees are scattered all over the world, assembling and stabilizing the workflow of an organization becomes complex. Organizations and their employees find it monotonous to engage simply via video calls, especially when they require collaborating for conferences, seminars, and work meetings. Because current virtual workstations lack realistic interaction and collaboration, these platforms do not fulfill a unified sense of working in collaborative spaces.

Developing a hybrid of current remote work models is simply not sufficient. Instead, employers need to redesign their current virtual workplaces, develop or modify products and services, and identify and locate their clients or markets that have opened up in this new 3D digital realm. In addition, workplace and HR policies need to inculcate in them separate challenges of work and social profiles, along with proper guidelines for employees’ interaction in the office.

The Solution

Our metaverse-based workstation solution focuses on providing a next-gen virtual platform with a wide scope of collaborative spaces to help reform the current virtual workspace into hybrid VR offices. Employees are provided with a unified sense of working via synchronized 3D metaverse virtual workspaces, data collaboration models, and animated NFT-powered avatars, all of which individualize their presence.

With several customization options available, our metaverse workstation eliminates the need for heavy headsets. Instead, it works with an application and a web browser, neither of which requires external audio pieces. Together, the app and browser allow the employees in the metaverse workspace to interact by using their respective avatars in video windows for each user.

Additionally, our metaverse-based virtual workstation provides attractive incentive opportunities, such as recognizing the employees with NFT gifts. The workspace solution will also help the employees to acquire new skill sets by facilitating training programs globally via digital twin technology.

The Benefits

Collaborative Platform

Our metaverse workspace solution provides an immersive, unified, and collaborative hybrid workspace where the employees interact in real time via avatars and holograms.

NFT Incentives

Our metaverse workstation solution facilitates employee recognition and initiates incentive programs. Employers can leverage digital tokens and currencies using NFTs for rewarding and recognizing employees based on their virtual performance.

Immersive Environment

Through the hybrid office space provided by our metaverse workstation solution, employees can work in the comfort of their homes as well as experience an engaging real-time office with 3D modeling, virtual conferencing design, and simulations.

Decentralized Network

Our blockchain-based metaverse workspace solution uses open programming languages and interoperable media standards to help organizations autonomously connect with other metaverse projects for cross-platform meetings.

Application Feasibility

Our metaverse-based workspace solution incorporates interconnected decentralized apps. These applications provide an immersive 3D experience, engaging user interfaces and are censorship resistant for maintaining employees’ data security.

High Scalability

With our blockchain-based metaverse workspace solution, organizations can easily save, process, and organize a prodigious amount of work data without delays in workspace networking, which makes the workspace platform highly scalable and downtime negligible.

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