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Transforming Businesses with the adoption of AI and Intelligent Automation
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We unlock trapped value within your organization with AI

With the experience of over 10 years and our deep domain expertise in AI, we help you experiment with AI opportunities for your business processes. Our AI Consultants identify where AI can be applied in your business operations and create result-driven AI strategies for your organization.  

Our approach to AI Consulting

Blockchain Applications


We prepare a roadmap for your project by understanding your use case and assess the capabilities of your exisitng solution if you want to integrate AI in that application. 

Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the Data and Discovery

Based on the type of data your organization handles, we discover the right AI technology for your business and identify how data can be converted into profitable actions. 

Mobile Apps

Proof of Concept

We initially experiment with a small-scale system to demonstrate the capability of AI technology for your business and analyze whether a use case achieve benefits from AI. 

Web Applications


Our AI developers start developing and deploying an MVP to get user feedback and MVP is scaled to the production after further improvements and iterations.


Arya – World’s First Robotic Tea Maker

Arya uses AI technology to detect the user’s face and respond back with the saved recipe using predictive analysis via Machine Learning. Users can interact with the tea robot with Speech Recognition and NLP. 

Blockchain Development
Internet of Things
Countability- Smart Visitor Management

Countability uses ML to predict users’ behavior and send alerts to stakeholders. With Computer Vision and Image Processing, the app can count the number of students in the case of an emergency. – Marketplace for AI applications

We developed a computer vision marketplace that enables any cameras using AI. The marketplace has computer vision apps that can be used to detect faces, produce users’ reports with IP cameras and solve complex business issues.

CMS and Mobile App Development
Internet of Things
TimeCloud – AI-based Roster Management and Time-Tracking App

We integrated the AI-based attendance tracking system with the current cloud-based human resource management system. Using TimeCloud, employees can check-in and check-out of their office with facial recognition.

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