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Case Studies

Discover the essence of our work ethos, adaptability, and technical prowess through our collection of success stories. Dive into firsthand experiences that exemplify our commitment to digital transformation, offering a profound understanding of how we leverage AI and data technologies to unearth unique advantages for businesses. With an extensive work history spanning over 15 years, we have been the catalyst for the accomplishments and milestones so many businesses have achieved. Our innovative solutions have played a crucial role in shaping transformative journeys for technology startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

AI development , GenAI development

LLM App for Wine Recommendation

Designed for a Switzerland-based wine e-commerce company, our custom LLM application redefines the wine shopping experience with personalized recommendations, efficient search, multilingual support, and real-time availability checks. Harnessing proprietary data and advanced LLMs like GPT-4, the app ensures a user-friendly interface and delivers relevant responses, elevating the overall satisfaction of customers.

AI development

LLM-powered App for Compliance and Security Access

LeewayHertz partnered with Scrut to create an LLM-powered app, streamlining access to compliance benchmarks and audit data for Scrut’s clients. The initiative enhances user experiences, providing clear insights into industry benchmarks and Scrut’s risk monitoring strategies.

AI development , GenAI development

LLM-powered Application for Safer Machinery Troubleshooting

LeewayHertz partnered with a Fortune 500 manufacturing company to develop an LLM-powered machinery troubleshooting app, streamlining maintenance and enhancing safety protocols. The innovative solution integrates static machinery data and dynamic safety policies, providing quick troubleshooting information and clear instructions on equipment handling.

AI development, GenAI development

AI-powered Medical Assistant for Streamlined Disease Diagnosis

LeewayHertz developed an AI-powered medical assistant for a healthcare company. Leveraging advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the solution addressed the client’s need for simplified data gathering and analysis, significantly improving the diagnostic workflow for healthcare professionals and enhancing patient care through evidence-based recommendations.

Data analysis

Geospatial Data Analysis

A US-based geospatial intelligence and analytics company engaged LeewayHertz’s data analysis services to unlock valuable insights from a complex geospatial dataset. With a focus on maintaining integrity and security, LeewayHertz successfully navigated the task of comprehending the client’s data, employing advanced techniques to detect anomalies and patterns.

Web3 development, Blockchain development

Streamlining end-to-end Freight Visibility through Blockchain

ITrackfreight sought our expertise to implement a blockchain-based solution for end-to-end freight visibility, ensuring traceability through critical time-stamped updates during shipments. Our successful delivery included a user-friendly single dashboard, empowering stakeholders to access and modify shipments with vital information seamlessly.


World’s First IoT-enabled Chai-Maker

HiArya was looking to build a robotic tea maker which uses fresh ingredients and a custom recipe to give an experience of home-made chai. Their goal was to allow tea lovers to prepare thousands of recipes and enable real-boiling at a perfect temperature the way tea is prepared

Supply chain

Enabling Traceability across Supply Chain with Blockchain

TraceRX approached us with the need to enhance traceability across the pharmaceutical supply chain, as the existing process lacked sufficient tracking at each distribution stage. We successfully developed a trustful Pharma Supply Chain platform supported by blockchain, ensuring end-to-end traceability and instilling trust in the ecosystem.

App development

Digitizing Award-Winning Island Guidebooks to Mobile App

We transformed Hawaii Revealed’s award-winning island guidebooks into a unified mobile application, providing seamless access to information for travelers across the four islands. The digital solution we developed enabled the client to efficiently create, edit, and post content to the mobile app, utilizing information gathered from their local field agents.


Enabling Lending Process through P2P Platform

Lend Money approached us with the goal of creating a decentralized lending marketplace, facilitating direct interactions between borrowers and lenders. Seeking to eliminate the involvement of multiple intermediaries such as brokers, auditors, and loan managers, they envisioned a blockchain-based P2P lending platform to instill trust and streamline the lending process.

App development, IOT

Multi-Room Audio Controller App

Our client sought a versatile solution for multi-room audio control, compatible with Android and iOS devices, enabling seamless communication with multiple speakers without audio latency. The app we delivered met their specific requirements by supporting various sources, including local media content, NAS music, Bluetooth, Airplay, and Google Chromecast.

Software development

Electric Scooters & Bikes

We developed a mobile application for our client’s electric scooters and bikes, ensuring seamless connectivity to the internet through a 3G modem and SIM card. The app enables users to plan routes, estimate range, run diagnostics, manage real-time fleet tracking, and check battery status, offering a comprehensive solution for an enhanced electric scooter and bike experience.

App development

Ecommerce Store With Vehicle Identification System

We developed a user-friendly web-based e-commerce platform for O’Reilly, integrating a Vehicle Identification System. This solution allows customers not only to conveniently order auto parts for doorstep delivery but also to track orders and request pickups from the nearest store. Overcoming the challenge of fast component identification without complex search queries, the platform aims to boost sales through mobile apps.

App development

Storage When You Need It

We created a digital solution for our client, providing users with the ability to book storage space online. The comprehensive web-based platform allows both end-users and businesses to easily book customized storage space according to their needs, offering a convenient and efficient storage solution.

Web3 development, Blockchain development

Bringing Trust To Stablecoins

We developed a blockchain-based solution to bring transparency and trust to stablecoin holders. The web platform allows TrueUSD stablecoin holders to audit their holdings in real-time by displaying the count of stablecoins available versus the corresponding US dollars, ensuring an equal and transparent correlation between the two.

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