Streamlining end-to-end Freight Visibility through Blockchain

iTrackfreight was looking to build a comprehensive solution for the management of shipments to provide freight visibility to every stakeholder, including customers/shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers. They needed a blockchain-based solution to enable traceability by keeping every user informed of the critical time-stamped updates during shipment. The company wanted us to create a single dashboard from where stakeholders could access and modify the shipments with vital information.

World’s First IoT-enabled Chai-Maker

HiArya was looking to build a robotic tea maker which uses fresh ingredients and a custom
recipe to give an experience of home-made chai. Their goal was to allow tea lovers to prepare
thousands of recipes and enable real-boiling at a perfect temperature the way tea is prepared

Enabling Traceability across Supply Chain with Blockchain

TraceRX was looking to build a distributed ledger platform to enable end to end traceability across the supply chain of medicines. The existing supply chain process is insufficient to keep track of the shipment at every stage of distribution. They wanted to develop a trustful Pharma Supply Chain platform backed by the blockchain to bring trust and traceability to the ecosystem.

Digitizing Award-Winning Island Guidebooks to Mobile App

Wizard was looking to integrate their four island guidebooks into a single mobile application to allow travelers to access the information about islands seamlessly. They wanted a digital solution using which they could create, edit and post content to the mobile app using the information provided by their local field agents.

Enabling Lending Process through P2P Platform

Lend Money was looking to come up with a decentralized lending marketplace which should enable borrowers to deal directly with lenders. As of now, the lending process involves too many intermediaries including brokers, auditors, and loan managers. So, they wanted a blockchain-based P2P lending platform which could eradicate the need for mediators by bringing trust to the system.

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