Healthcare Software Development

Enabling healthcare organizations and care providers to improve patient outcomes, provide remote care and automate medical workflows using emerging technologies.

healthcare software development

Custom Healthcare Software Development

As a leading healthcare software development company, we provide healthcare providers with software solutions that improve medical workflows, enhance treatment and diagnostics and organize secure data transfer between healthcare departments.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We help healthcare providers harness the power of AI and Big Data to understand their data and utilize it for decision making. With data analytics, healthcare providers can make quick decisions to improve patient care and medical workflow. 

Automated Clinical Workflows

Using emerging technologies like AI and ML, we help healthcare companies automate various tasks, including smarter billing, adaptive staffing and enhanced patient care with real-time data.

Remote Patient Care

We develop healthcare software solutions that can facilitate interactions between physicians and patients at home. It allows healthcare providers to track healthcare data of a patient, reducing admission rates and monitoring more patients at once.

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Medicaid agencies, and commercial insurers take steps to expand telehealth coverage and reimbursement, health systems and practices are increasingly likely to turn to telehealth in the fight against the coronavirus.

logistics software development company

Healthcare Software Development Services

Custom Navigation Solutions

Telemedicine Software Development

We develop end-to-end telemedicine software that facilitates contactless treatment and allows patients to connect with doctors via video calling or instant chat.

  • Store-and-Forward Telemedicine
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Real-time Telemedicine
Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

We build end-to-end patient engagement solutions that allow patients to engage with healthcare providers, book appointments, pay bills online and access health records.

  • Secure Messaging

  • Patient Registration

  • Appointment Reminders
Predictive Maintenance Software

Healthcare Predictive Analytics

We help healthcare providers unleash the potential of their unstructured data by implementing AI and Predictive Modeling. We build AI-based healthcare predictive analytics software solutions that enable monitoring of data, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection. 

  • Analytics Engine Development
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Cloud-driven Predictive Analytics 
Healthcare Patient Management Software

IoT Healthcare Software

We design and develop IoT-based healthcare software that collects patient’s data through smart sensors and analyzes that data to generate valuable insights for doctors and medical staff.

  • Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Connected Medical Devices & Wearables
  • Improved Drug Management
  • Hospital Asset Management
Inventory Management Software

Medical Practice Management & Operations

We provide medical software development services for tracking of equipment, internal procedures, asset management, insurance claims management, execution of electronic billing procedures and healthcare supply chain management.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Medical Billing

  • Inventory Management

  • Insurance Claims Management 

Healthcare software solution

Electronic Medical Records Software Development

We develop end-to-end Electronic Medical Records Software that allows doctor to maximize clinical productivity and interact with patients via patient portals and facilitates patients to access EMRs and prescription provided by doctors. 

  • EHR (Electronic Health Record) Integration Services
  • PHR (Personal Health Record) Software Development
  • EHR and EMR Software Development 

We Deliver Compliant Healthcare Software Solutions









We are System Integrator for Healthcare Product Companies

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healthcare software
healthcare software

Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software is used by healthcare companies to manage patient billing and collections.

Medical Inventory Software

Medical Inventory Software helps medical institutes secure and track tools, equipment and medicines.

Healthcare CRM Software

Healthcare CRM Software enables the sharing of information between patients and healthcare providers and helps provide personalized care to patients.

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software is used to automate various hospital procedures, including scheduling, appointments, financial auditing and regulatory compliance.

Our Work in Healthcare Software Development


TraceRx: A Global Pharma Supply Chain Solution for International Aid Distribution

LeewayHertz has successfully built a drug supply chain network running on blockchain for TraceRx. The project was recognized with the Richmond SCORE Award. It allows tracking of the shipment of medical help aids. UNO can trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses using TraceRx. It made recalling of drugs traceable and efficient. Built on HyperLedger blockchain with end-to-end transparency resulting in reduced cost of distribution.

Healthcare Software Development

Siemens Logo Testimonial | Mobile App Development

LeewayHertz was flexible in adding smaller features along the way. We found something that might be useful to add to the app, and they responded and acted quickly. Their process worked well.
Pia Seeberger


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Leewayhertz knows its craft and the teams are experts at iPhone and Android app development. They’re highly focused and they delivered what they proposed.
James Unwin

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