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We design, build and maintain innovative software applications with speed, scale and quality.

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We build innovative software using emerging technologies

Ten years of experience in building over 100+ software platforms, our software development team possesses the capability to design and develop an enterprise-grade application that can streamline processes and grow revenue. We leverage our expertise in technologies, including AI/ML, RPA, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we can transform your product vision into reality.

Our Software Development Offerings

We understand that every business has different requirements; therefore, we can build custom software applications that are tailored to meet your specific use case, budget and timeline.

IT Consulting

Software Consulting

We deeply understand your idea, competitors, target users and monetization strategy. We provide market insights, technology trend and create a risk analysis. We use the collected information to offer you a plan that outlines the scope of work, timeline, user journey from acquisition to monetizations, workflow and cost of building a market-ready software.

  • Consultation on Idea Discovery, technology insights and risk analysis
  • Creating a growth strategy from user acquisition to monetization
  • Detailed Proposal with estimates for the scope of work
  • Design a Solution or Requirement specific document that can be used as the scope of work for the project.
Visual and Technical Designs

Visual and Technical Designs

We create a design document that includes brand colors, typography specifics, wireframes, low fidelity screen designs and high fidelity designs for user acceptance testing. An interactive prototype is developed to demonstrate the app’s logic to test the user journey before writing code. We believe in measure twice cut once.

  • Design Document Guideline
  • Flow Diagram and System Blueprint
  • High Fidelity User Interface designs
  • Interactive prototype for initial testing or fundraising
  • Details project requirement with in-depth user stories
Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development and coding

We transform your idea into custom software that is scalable, reliable and secure with our reliable full-cycle software development services. We use the agile software development methodology to build products faster and reduce inefficiencies.

  • Build web Applications
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
  • Backend Solutions deployed on Amazon, Google or Azure Cloud services
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We build cross-platform, fluid, intuitive mobile apps using cutting-edge technologies and follow design-driven development to help you achieve business goals.

  • Build cross-platform apps for iOS and android
  • Build Web Apps with responsive designs.
  • Native Apps Development using Apple or Google SDKs.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

We transformed businesses into software-led businesses using emerging technologies, including AI/ML, IoT and blockchain.

  • UI/UX Modernization
  • Intelligent Modernization
  • Architecture Modernization
  • Software Platform Development
Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

We work as your extended development team. Hire our team of experienced software developers who works in your timezone.

  • Mobile App Developers
  • Web App Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Firmware Developers
  • Backend Developers

Technologies We Work On

Blockchain Applications


Having worked on 20+ blockchain projects, we help organizations introduce security within their business ecosystem and automate their operations with a blockchain-based application.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With our expertise in Machine Learning, Image Processing and Deep Learning models, we develop AI applications that anticipate customer desires quickly and gather better insights from your data.

Artificial Intelligence


We help you develop intelligent automation for your front-office and back-office processes that improves the customer experience and enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Blockchain Applications


With expertise in various programming languages, including Python, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS and more, our team of software developers can build custom web apps that cater to the business requirements.

Web Applications

Mobile Apps

We develop smooth and scalable mobile apps that fit your industry and brand within a shorter period.

Web Applications

Web Applications

Our team of software developers provides both frontend and backend development services with expertise in various programming languages like Python, NodeJS, ReactJS and PHP.

Web Applications

Internet of Things

With knowledge of IoT frameworks and technologies, our IoT experts design and develop secure IoT apps that allow you to collect big data, enhance decision-making and optimize key processes.


Blockchain development

Blockchain Development

WeeSign- Web-based e-Signature Platform on Blockchain

WeeSign is a web-based electronic signature platform that allows users to sign the documents on the blockchain. Each transaction corresponding to the signing is recorded on the blockchain, thereby ensuring the unforgettable and uniqueness of documents. As one of the top software development companies in the USA, We are one of the first companies to build a document signing system on the blockchain.

Internet of Things

Multi-Room Speaker Controls App

RIVA is a powerful multi-room audio solution controlled by iOS and Android devices. It facilitates the streaming of multiple speakers without any acoustic latency. Our team of developers, designers and architects teamed up with the OEM and platform provider to build a mobile app that controls the speakers like a remote device.

RIVA speakers are Google and Apple certified and have won the CES awards.


CMS and Mobile App Development

Digital Solution for Award-Winning Island Guidebooks

We work with Wizard Publications to convert their series of four island guidebooks into a mobile app. Our team built a content management system that allows editors, author and field agents to create, update and publish content to the mobile app in real-time. The app is being used by millions of people planning to travel to the Hawaiian islands.

Redefining Industries with Software Development 

Companies dealing with data and stakeholders can significantly improve their performance with software implementation. Our  Software Development services help Industries.

Software Development in Healthcare


We develop software apps for the healthcare industry that delivers better healthcare by automating processes like patient management, lab management, test result analysis and data collection.  

Software development for Logistics


We build innovative tech-enabled applications to streamline the supply chain, offer flawless customer support and enhance warehouse efficiency.  

Software Development for Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

We develop software applications for the hospitality industry that streamlines the traveler’s experience.

Software Development for FinTech


Our FinTech apps help financial institutes manage their daily operations easier. Customers can leverage quick payment processing and P2P lending with smart finance solutions.  

Software Development in Manufacturing


We develop digital apps for the manufacturing industry that aid manufacturing companies to speed up the existing processes of working and bring down costs.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail & E-Commerce

Our software applications for retail and eCommerce are designed to transform the shopping experience and improve business operations with automation.  

Software Development for Startup


Building software apps for startups with the next level of innovation, for example, consumer goods and utility. 

Software Development for Automotive


We transform the automotive industry with connected mobile and web apps that allow people to manage vehicles remotely and enhance the manufacturing process for manufacturers.

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We follow an agile software development approach for all types of development projects. At LeewayHertz, our team of software developers uses agile Scrum and agile Kanban to ensure on-time delivery and agility for projects.

Software Development Process

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Do you also have these questions?

How to choose a custom software development company?

Consider the following factors that will help you choose the right custom software development company:

  • Company’s Portfolio
    Before you hire any software development company, take your time to browse its website, which could be the first medium of contact. Ensure to investigate the Work and Case Study section to have a look at their portfolio.


    Looking at their portfolio will help you understand the technologies you have worked on and whether the company has experience in building applications for your industry.

    A software development company would never hide their skills. Their website should have information about the technologies they are specialized in. Use this information to understand whether the company has an in-depth understanding of the technologies your project needs.

    Do not forget to consider the company’s portfolio thoroughly before you select a custom software development company.

  • Company’s Reviews
    To ensure the success of a project, you have to look for a company that presents a proven track of successfully executed projects. Ensure to visit review websites to verify client relationship with the company before getting in touch with them.Check the company’s review and profile on review portals like GoodFirms, Clutch and other platforms. The review websites would tell you a lot about the company, for example, its location, project development cost, team size, services focus chart, client types and portfolio.


    You can get the company’s rating and read reviews provided by the clients. Since all the reviews mentioned on the review websites are genuine, you can select a company doubtlessly.

  • Clarify the ownership of the application
    What if you see your competitors using the software you got precisely built for your organization? A company that pays for the app owns the software application. But, various cases of ownership conflicts have been seen between business owners and software development companies. Make sure that the contract between you and the company clearly defines the ownership clause in compliance with the governing state laws to ignore any conflicts in the future.
What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is one of the best software development methodologies based on the concept of iterative development. In this methodology, requirements evolve via collaboration between self-organized cross-functional teams. Using an Agile methodology, teams can figure out how they will manage things on their own. 

What are some of the top software development tools?

There are a lot of tools available for developers and selecting the right one could be a challenge. We have curated a list of software development tools according to different categories.

Source Control

  • GitHub
    It is a web-based Git repository hosting service using which developers can review code, build software and manage projects. Due to its intuitive interface and various features, GitHub is one of the most popular code repositories in the world. Its pricing model is quite flexible; private repositories are paid with a monthly fee while public repositories are hosted for free.
  • Bitbucket
    A GitHub competitor, Bitbucket, is a web-based repository hosting service that uses the Git version control system. It facilitates collaboration for software development tools by integrating with Atlassian products like Jira. It is available as both an on-premise version (Bitbucket Server) and a cloud version.

Issue Tracking and Project Management

  • Jira
    It is one of the popular development planning tools for issue and project tracking. Used mainly by Agile Software Development Teams, it has tons of functionalities and is easy to use. Some of its highlights include customizable Kanban and Scrum boards.
  • Trello
    Trello is also one of the best tools for project management. It provides customizability with easy to manage boards for Kanban and Scrum users.
  • Toggl
    Toggl is quite different from the above two project management tools, but it presents an overview of where the time is spent. It is easy to use and simple and can be integrated with lots of tools.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 

  • NetBeans
    A popular, open-source and free IDE, NetBeans, allows developers to build desktop, mobile and web applications. It supports smart and fast code editing. Allowing rapid user interface development, NetBeans helps in writing bug-free code.
  • Atom
    Atom IDE is an open-source and free all-around text editor. It allows developers to customize anything without the need to modify the config file. It supports various operating systems like Windows, Linux or OS X. Atom interface can be split up in multiple panes to edit and compare code across multiple files.
  • XCode
    XCode is an IDE for macOS with a suite of software development tools developed by Apple. Featuring visual settings, it is simple to use and comes with drag-and-drop options. It is a smart integrated development environment that can prevent mistakes and errors.

Our team of software developers builds robust and secure software applications using the tools mentioned above.

What are the software development life cycle phases?

Software Development Life Cycle is the foundation of all software development methodologies that include different activities like estimated budget, requirement gathering, documentation writing, design and development, testing, deployment and maintenance. 

It comprises of seven different phases:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design 
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance


In the planning stage, a team of developers determines project goals and a high-level plan is created for the intended project. It is the most fundamental phase that primarily involves three activities:

  • Feasibility Assessment 
  • Project Plan Creation
  • System Identification for Development 


In this phase, the software development team and client analyze the end-user business requirements and converts project goals into a system that the organization wants to build. Analysis phase consists of the following three activities:

  • Implementing a Detailed Analysis
  • Collecting Business Requirements
  • Designing Process Diagrams 


Desired features and functionalities of a software application are described in the design phase. This stage of SDLC includes business rules, screen layouts, pseudo-code and other documentation defining the components of the software. 

The design phase usually comprises the following activities:

  • IT Infrastructure Designing 
  • System Model Designs
  • Technical Designs
  • User Interfaces
  • Marvel Prototype


In the development phase, all the previous phases are converted into the actual working system. Developers develop the code and backend of a software application. 

Development phase involves two primary activities:

  • IT Infrastructure Development
  • Code and Database Development


In the testing phase of SDLC, all the code pieces are integrated and hosted in the testing environment. Testers check the system for bugs, defects and errors to test the system’s functionalities. 

Testing phase involves:

  • Test Cases Creation
  • Test Cases Execution


In this phase, the system is brought to the real-life environment where the user starts operating the system. The deployment phase involves placing all data and components in the production environment. This stage of SDLC is also referred to as delivery. 

Support and Maintenance 

In the Support and Maintenance phase, corrections, changes and enhancements can be made to ensure that the system will work after the updates and meet the business goals. It is essential to maintain and upgrade the software from time to time so that it runs seamlessly in the future. 

It involves the following activities:

  • Supporting the system users
  • Maintenance of the system
  • System upgrades