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AI-driven Chatbot for Dealer Support

LeewayHertz built an AI-driven chatbot for URC to streamline communication, offering quick and accurate responses to dealer inquiries related to their smart home automation and control devices. The chatbot not only addresses queries but also allows voice interactions, ensuring a dynamic and efficient dealer support system.

The Requirement

The Problem

URC, a global leader in smart home automation, faced challenges in meeting the information needs of their vast network of dealers. The traditional support channels, unable to provide timely and effective solutions, were hindering dealer satisfaction and overall support system efficiency. Dealers required immediate access to information about URC devices, heightening the urgency for a more responsive and efficient support mechanism.

The Requirement

The Solution

LeewayHertz addressed URC’s dealer support challenges with an AI-driven chatbot. Deployed using ZBrain, the chatbot seamlessly integrated historical ticketing data, Jira, and CRM information, offering efficient responses to dealer inquiries. With voice interaction capabilities, the solution enhanced user experience and streamlined communication. This transformative solution significantly improved dealer URC’s dealer support, providing quicker responses, access to comprehensive information, and a more personalized experience.


Enhanced User Experience

The support system, equipped with voice interaction features and a user-friendly interface, is easy to navigate and readily accessible.

Streamlined Communication

Integration of the “Call” button providing a direct link to live support agents, ensures prompt resolution of queries.

Feedback-driven Enhancement

The feedback functionality allows users and administrators to provide feedback on the chatbot’s responses, fostering continuous improvement for a highly reliable and effective dealer support system.

Customization Capabilities

The admin portal empowers URC to customize the chatbot’s behavior, appearance, and access levels, providing a highly personalized support experience.

Final Product

Tech Stack