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Rackspace’s Advanced LLM-powered Chatbot

LeewayHertz developed an LLM-powered chatbot for Rackspace to optimize their internal support operations, accelerate response speed and elevate query resolution effectiveness. Leveraging NeMo Guardrails and other robust AI advancements, the chatbot assists users in performing specific tasks like creating support tickets and reducing the manual workload of users.

The Requirement

The Requirement

Rackspace, a leading provider of multi-cloud solutions, confronted a critical challenge with its service desk automation bot, the primary interface for internal team queries. The bot grappled with issues such as session drops and conversation delays, leading to suboptimal user experiences. Whenever the bot encountered queries exceeding its capabilities, it was thoughtfully either redirected for further assistance or dropped by the support team. Recognizing the need for improvement, Rackspace prompted a collaboration with LeewayHertz to develop a chatbot integrated with the capabilities of LLMs to improve query resolution efficiency, enhance support operations, and streamline the internal team helpdesk functions.
The Requirement

The Solution

LeewayHertz developed an LLM-powered chatbot thoroughly trained on an extensive ServiceNow knowledge base to optimize Rackspace’s internal helpdesk efficiency and support workflows. The integration of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques and Nemo guardrails empowers this smart chatbot to excel in validating responses and ensuring accuracy in user interactions. In scenarios where queries exceed its capabilities, the chatbot autonomously creates support tickets, making it a beneficial resource for Rackspace support operations. With its user-friendly interface integrated into Teams, the chatbot simplifies the user experience for employees. Augmented by prompt engineering techniques, the chatbot ensures the delivery of context-aligned and relevant responses, providing an optimized user experience.

How Does the Chatbot Work?


User-friendly Interface

Prioritizing accessibility and ease of use, the chatbot ensures a seamless and intuitive experience for diverse users.

Contextual Knowledge Retrieval

Leveraging advanced AI, the chatbot excels in retrieving contextually relevant information for tailored and accurate responses.

Efficient Ticket Creation

In handling complex queries beyond its capacity, the chatbot autonomously generates tickets for effective issue resolution.

Troubleshooting Capabilities

The chatbot analyzes and addresses common issues, providing step-by-step assistance for efficient problem-solving.

Teams Integration

Integrated into Microsoft Teams, it facilitates convenient direct interaction within Rackspace’s collaborative environment.

The Outcome

Reduced IT Team Workload

The chatbot significantly decreased manual workload by autonomously handling routine queries, troubleshooting, and ticket creation.

Efficient Query Resolution

Ensured prompt and accurate responses, leading to quicker issue resolution and enhanced operational efficiency.

Enhanced Employee Service

Efficient support mechanisms, enabling quick access to information and assistance, contributed to an improved employee service experience.

24/7 Availability

Operating 24/7, it provides users assistance around the clock, diminishing response times and enhancing service accessibility.

Final Product

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