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Transforming Hospitality: AI-powered Price and Promo Optimization Strategies

Drive Competitive Advantage With ZBrain Flow

Transforming Hospitality AI-powered Price and Promo Optimization Strategies

Challenges in Price and Promo Optimization

Setting optimal pricing and promotions is fundamental in the hospitality industry. From fluctuating seasonal demand to adjusting to real-time competition and global events, determining the right price points and promotional activities becomes an intricate task. ZBrain stands as a game-changing tool to simplify and refine these complex pricing and promotional endeavors.


I. How ZBrain Flow Refines Pricing and Promotion Strategies

Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning, ZBrain ensures hospitality businesses set pricing and promotions that are both competitive and lucrative. Here’s a comparison of time taken for each task with and without ZBrain Flow:

Without ZBrain Flow
Time Without ZBrain Flow
With ZBrain Flow
Data collection Manual ~8 hours Automated
Pricing analysis and demand forecasting Manual ~6 hours Automated
Strategy design & assessment Manual ~8 hours Automated
Implementation & review Manual ~2 hours Manual
Total ~24 hours ~4 hours

The table emphasizes that with ZBrain’s assistance, the time spent on price and promotion strategy development can be significantly reduced, shrinking it from approximately 24 hours to just 4 hours. This efficiency results in swifter decision-making and the timely execution of strategies.

II. Necessary Input Data

For ZBrain Flow to be most effective, it relies on the following data:

Information Source
Property Management System (PMS) Room rates, occupancy rates, and guest feedback Always updated
Competitive rate shopper tools Pricing strategies of competitors Real-time
Historical booking data Previous booking trends, seasonality effects, and event-driven demand Last 1 year
Guest feedback & reviews Guest perceptions related to pricing and promotions Continuous collection
Event calendars Local and global events that might influence demand Updated monthly
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) Trends, promo effectiveness, and market position Last 3 months

III. ZBrain Flow: How It Works

Price and Promo Optimization

Step 1: Data Acquisition and Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

ZBrain begins by automatically aggregating data encompassing historical booking data, customer feedback, competitor pricing strategies and more from multiple sources. Following this initial data gathering, an in-depth Exploratory Data Analysis delves into pricing trends, guest behaviors, and responses to promotional initiatives.

Step 2: Embedding Generation

Feedback, booking data, and competitor pricing undergo transformation through advanced embedding techniques. These embeddings capture the intricacies of the dynamic hospitality market, laying the foundation for intelligent pricing and promotional recommendations.

Step 3: Query Execution and Strategy Formulation

As users seek pricing or promotional recommendations, ZBrain acquires relevant data, processes user queries, and collaborates with the OpenAI Language Model (LLM) to generate precise strategies.

Leveraging these embeddings, the LLM contextualizes the diverse data, presenting actionable pricing and promotional suggestions that cater to market dynamics and guest preferences.

Step 4: Parsing the Formulated Strategy

Once the strategies are articulated, they undergo meticulous parsing to distill actionable insights – detailing the pricing adjustments and promotional endeavors. This ensures that the final recommendations are clear and ready for execution.

With ZBrain, hospitality businesses receive strategies that are proactive, well-informed, and tailored to both market conditions and guest expectations.


Transformed Pricing and Promotional Outcomes

ZBrain’s AI-driven approach automates and streamlines the pricing and promotional strategy development process, ensuring that hospitality entities can effortlessly establish competitive prices and launch compelling promotions that resonate with their guests. The outcome is twofold: a boost in bookings, revenue maximization, and an elevated guest experience. Elevate your hospitality business’s profitability and market presence by leveraging the power of ZBrain Flow.

Example Report


Provide insights into expected demand for specific room categories.

Executive Summary

This report offers insights into the expected demand for specific room categories at Harborview Inn & Suites. By analyzing historical booking data, market trends, and upcoming events, a demand forecast has been generated to assist in optimizing room availability and pricing strategies.


To generate the demand forecast, a combination of historical booking data from the past year, market trends, and upcoming events that might impact guest bookings was utilized. A time-series analysis approach was applied to identify patterns, seasonality, and trends in demand for each room category.

Data Sources

  • Historical Booking Data: Booking records from August 2022 to July 2023.

  • Market Trends: Trends in the overall hospitality industry and local market conditions.

  • Event Calendars: Major events, conferences, and festivals taking place in the area.

Demand Forecast

Demand Forecast for Specific Room Categories

Standard Rooms
Deluxe Rooms
August 2023 85 45 20
September 2023 70 55 25
October 2023 60 40 30
November 2023 50 35 15
December 2023 90 65 40

Insights & Customized Recommendations

  1. Standard Rooms
    • August: Capitalize on the high demand by introducing a ‘Summer Getaway’ package with family-friendly perks, such as complimentary breakfast and local attraction vouchers.

    • December: Leverage the holiday season by offering an ‘Exclusive Festive Retreat’ package that includes special in-room decorations and seasonal amenities.

  2. Deluxe Rooms
    • September: Craft a ‘Business Excellence’ package to cater to corporate travelers attending the prominent industry conference, including express check-in/out and access to business amenities.

    • December: Promote a ‘Year-end Celebration’ package, targeting couples seeking a romantic escape. Include champagne, spa credits, and a private candlelit dinner.

  3. Suites
    • October: Design an ‘Executive Escape’ package for professionals attending the conference, highlighting enhanced workspace amenities, premium Wi-Fi, and after-event relaxation services.

    • December: Create a ‘Luxury Holiday Retreat’ package that offers exclusive access to seasonal events, a dedicated butler, and personalized holiday-themed experiences.


This demand forecast provides actionable insights tailored to Harborview Inn & Suites’s offerings. By implementing customized strategies aligned with projected demand trends, you can not only optimize revenue but also provide exceptional guest experiences that cater to their specific needs.


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