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With our expertise in consulting across different industries, we prepare a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation of blockchain in your organization. From project ideation to selecting the right blockchain platform, creating a quick POC and implementation, our team can help you launch a successful blockchain product. 

blockchain consulting
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Our Blockchain Consulting Services

Our blockchain consultants help you analyze the potential of blockchain for your business case, identify the right technology that meets your requirements, create a roadmap for development and build a POC. We have helped 100+ startups and enterprises achieve success with our training workshops, prototype design and blockchain proof of concepts.


Strategy workshop and training

We provide you blockchain workshops to better understand blockchain technology, its potential applications and its working. We demonstrate how the blockchain can transform your industry with case studies of our projects.

Quick PoC

We create a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the practical potential of your blockchain project in 4 weeks. PoC done by our team helps clients understand how their blockchain ecosystem will work. 

Blockchain Consultancy

We assess your existing solution, identify the need for a blockchain solution specific to your business use case and analyze how blockchain will add value to your business. We suggest the ideal technology and the possible solutions for the proposed project.

Blockchain Development

Once you understand the blockchain feasibility for your use case, you can move your project into development. We as a leading software development company develop and deliver scalable blockchain apps that will innovate your business operations.

Our Blockchain Consulting Process


We discuss the feasibility of your blockchain project with our technical team and define the business goals and workflow for your system.


We analyze your existing solution and discover if it can be migrated to the blockchain. Our team assesses the business procedures and identifies where blockchain can be applied to your use case. 

Technical Component Definition

Our blockchain consulting team identifies the right blockchain platform based on your business requirements and the type of blockchain.


We create a framework and prototype to identify the use cases for the business with minimum viable features in 4 weeks. The demo can be used for the viability of a real solution.


Our Blockchain Consultants can help clients identify if the blockchain technology can be integrated into their business operations and environment.


Once you are ready to get started with blockchain technology development, we help you build the blockchain product, from UI/UX to full front-end and back-end implementation.

Blockchain Development Platforms we work on

Hyperledger blockchain development


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains to build enterprise-grade blockchain apps

Ethereum  blockchain development


A decentralized public platform that runs dApps

Stellar blockchain development


Stellar is an open platform for building financial products that connect people everywhere.

Corda blockchain development


Corda is an open source blockchain platform for businesses

EOS blockchain development


EOS is a decentralized blockchain, which can process fast and free transactions

Tron blockchain development


A decentralized platform to develop high-performance blockchain apps

Hashgraph blockchain development


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT

Hashgraph blockchain development


An Open-Source Platform for Decentralized Assets and Applications

Our Blockchain Tools and Technologies

Blockchain Consulting Technology

Our Work

itf Success Story


We helped iTrackFreight accelerate their shipment process with blockchain technology that provided transparency to all the stakeholders of the platform.

Supplychain Blockchain Development


We assessed the existing platform of TraceRx and identified the need for a blockchain solution to reduce thefts and improve their recall process.

Our Team

Akash Takyar

Akash Takyar

Blockchain Expert and Consultant

Akash Takyar

Deepak Shokeen

Blockchain Leader and Consultant



I came to LeewayHertz because of their reputation in the software development space. When we expanded the project to incorporate blockchain not only did they not flinch, they got more enthused. They have been stellar at every step of the way working towards solutions that worked straight to the heart of the idea on a micro and macro sense. I have already recommended them many times and I will continue to do so. The members of LeewayHertz have always promptly returned my calls or emails irrespective of the time. I have found them to be consistently available and committed to addressing my needs.quote1

Matthew Rosen
CEO at Tracerx

Industries that approached us for Blockchain Consulting



Offering controlled data disclosure to every involved member of the network in Blockchain-enabled patient health record management solution.


Smart contracts allow every member involved in the blockchain platform to measure the impact of social impact at every step of the process.


Smart Contracts in the Media industry ensures content’s ownership and fair evaluation, along with the elimination of intermediaries.

blockchain consulting

Identity Management

By enabling control over the identity and personal information, blockchain identity management allows people to create a self-sovereign identity.


We have deployed Blockchain on the supply chain, which offers an updated and validated shared ledger with each network participant.


Integrating Blockchain to the current P2P lending system can reduce delays, make quick approvals, eliminate the need for middlemen, and bring transparency.

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FAQs for Blockchain Consulting

What is blockchain consulting?

When a customer comes to a blockchain development consulting company, they help him in and out with his product idea or the whole product. 

From providing him blockchain consultation over the feasibility of his idea with the blockchain technology to select the ideal blockchain platform for his blockchain product development. Sometimes, the blockchain development & consulting company suggests the customer to just migrate his existing product on the blockchain platform. Blockchain consulting is an integral part of the blockchain development ideation.

What is a blockchain consulting company?

When a group of blockchain experienced experts with a team of developers, technical architects and blockchain insights, come together to suggest you the feasible solution for your blockchain development, they are called as a blockchain consulting company.

How blockchain can be used in business?

Blockchain can benefit various industries, including global supply chains, healthcare, government, financial services and many other industries. Startups and enterprises are exploring ways to disrupt blockchain to transform traditional business models. By providing you blockchain consulting services, our blockchain consulting team can help you understand how blockchain can bring transparency, traceability, security and efficiency to your business ecosystem.

What does a Blockchain consultant do?

A blockchain consultant helps you to identify the right answers to the questions you might don’t even know. They will suggest you the blockchain permission, platform feasible with your use case.

Our Blockchain expert explains the blockchain permissions.
Blockchain permission can be of three types:

  • Public Blockchain
    Public blockchain protocols are not permissioned and open-source where anyone can get involved without permission. It allows anyone to download the code and launch a public node on their local device and participate in the consensus process. Anyone can send transactions through the network and view anonymous transactions on the public blockchain explorer.
  • Consortium Blockchain
    As compared to the public blockchain, consortium blockchain does not allow anyone to participate in the process of verifying transactions. They provide transaction privacy and are quite faster. In consortium blockchain, the consensus process is managed by a pre-selected set of nodes. The right to view or read transactions can be public or restricted to participants of the network.
  • Private Blockchain
    In private blockchain, read permissions can be public or restricted to some participants but write permissions are kept centralized to only one company. Example of such applications includes internal auditing or database management.

Hiring a Blockchain consulting company can help you understand the potential of blockchain technology for your business operations.

Which is the right Blockchain platform for my use case?

Before you think to build a blockchain solution for your business, you should select the right blockchain platform.

Only an expererienced blockchain expert can help you choose an ideal blockchain platform. Their solution will have the following basis:

  • How much privacy your blockchain solution requires?
  • Level of scalability you require
  • Type of Blockchain App you need to build. For example, public, private or permissioned.
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • Smart Contract Functionality
What is the Blockchain Consulting Process followed at LeewayHertz?

The blockchain consulting process followed at LeewayHertz consists of the following steps:

  • Ideation
    In this stage, the feasibility of a blockchain project is analyzed and business goals are defined.
  • Assessment
    The next step is an evaluation where our blockchain consultants assess business procedures and identify how it can be applied to your business use case.
  • Identification of Technical Components
    Our blockchain consulting team analyzes and identifies the right blockchain platforms and technology components for your business use case.
  • POC
    A prototype is created to analyze the potential of your business use case with minimum viable features.