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Voice-enabled technology is the future. Businesses can target a broad base of customers with Alexa skills. With voice-enabled platforms, customers can engage your product and services using their voice. We have developed Alexa skills and voice-enabled solutions for businesses that increased their efficiency and productivity by 30%.

Target Alexa-powered Devices With the Right Skill

Custom Skills

As a custom skill can handle any request, you can integrate your expected skills with Alexa.

For example, the user says, “Order a large Pepperoni pizza from Azzip Pizza.”

Video Skills

Incorporate Alexa video skills for devices, including living room entertainment devices, multimodal devices and Fire TV apps for Fire TV.

Smart Home Skills

Integrate  Smart Home Skills for cloud-connected devices manufacturers to allow device owners to handle devices with voice interaction. 

Music Skills

Music skills allow users to play music on Alexa-enabled devices. We build music skills for music and radio providers who want to integrate their music platforms with Alexa. 

Flash Briefing Skills

Our Alexa developers create flash briefing skills for the content distributors who have the right to distribute owned original text and audio content, e.g., news companies, health tips providers, etc. 

Meeting Skills

Whether you are a room-booking solution provider or an organization with internal service, you can now integrate your services with Alexa. With Alexa Meeting skills, ask Alexa to schedule meetings and book meeting rooms.

Custom Alexa-enabled applications for smoother and faster business operations

Alexa provides a set of built-in capabilities, referred to as skills. Companies are building creative Alexa skills to enable or optimize a process. Customers can access new abilities by asking Alexa questions or making requests. The internal team can get company-wide updates. Enable simple operations with Alexa skills.


Our Alexa Skills Development Services


Custom Skill Development

With our expertise in Alexa Skill Development, we provide engaging voice experiences with custom-built Alexa interaction models. 


Mobile App Integration

We integrate iOS and Android apps with Alexa-controlled devices to use Alexa Voice Services, which can result in enhanced customer engagement. 


Integration With ERP Systems

We integrate Alexa skills to enable voice-based management of business operations that fetch data from your ERP software. 


Alexa Skill Testing

We ensure an error-free development of Alexa skills with the testing of skill functionality, dialogs, entity resolution and progressive responses. 


Multilingual Support

Using Amazon Alexa’s support for multiple countries and languages, we create Alexa skills in different languages to expand your user base and potential customers. 


Technical Expertise

Our Alexa skill developers have in-deep knowledge of voice assistant technologies and programming languages like Node.JS, Javascript and Lambda.

Use Cases for Alexa Skills

We can build Alexa Skills that meet your needs.

Our Alexa skills development Portfolio

Average ER Wait Time for hospitals around you.

In an emergency, when you have to go to the ER, you can use your voice to get the wait time in all the nearby hospitals. You can even ask for a specific hospital if you have personal preferences or can’t drive far. Ask Alexa to get an average ER wait time around you or for a particular hospital or ask Emergency room average wait time for a state.

For example, to find the emergency room wait time, ask:
“Alexa, ask e.r for the wait time in Mayo Clinic.”
“Alexa, ask e.r for the wait time in California.”
“Alexa, ask e.r for the nearest wait time.”

Echo dot

Alexa Skill for Company’s Business Updates

We have recently built another Alexa skill for Sanctuary Wealth to get inhouse departmental updates. The team at Sanctuary Wealth now rely on this skill to find their work progress and daily scrum activities. We also have integrated the list skill API to manage meetings and to-do lists more easily. 

Some of the example questions:

“Alexa, do you have any updates on marketing?”

“Alexa, share the latest sales updates.”

Over the last 10 years, we have engineered 100+ digital platforms for startup and enterprises, are now used by millions of users.

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