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Blockchain Explorer Development

We provide a blockchain explorer solution to enhance the users’ experience to view, track, and extract statistics on a blockchain platform’s network and token level.

NFT Marketplace platform solution

Integrate Our Blockchain Explorer

We provide custom block explorer for blockchains. We also maintain and upgrade platform-specific blockchain explorer to view the entire flow of transactions, token rate, transaction growth, token variants and relevant blockchain marketcap data.

How Does Our Blockchain Explorer Work?

With our blockchain explorer, you can look at the analytics of the blockchain platform, per second transaction records and search for specific block numbers, wallet addresses and transaction IDs.
The blockchain nodes pull the information from the platform and transfer it to the database of the explorer.
Database Software
The database software organizes the data into segmented formats and explorable tables
UI Server for Explorer
The user interface server helps the users by creating a webpage and permitting their search inputs.
UI Server for Explorer and API
The user interface server and API of the explorer transform the inputs into machine-friendly readable language.
Backend Server
The explorer’s user interface servers relay to the backend server, from which the backend server responds to the user’s searches converting it into readable language with the help of API.
Output Delivery
API and the user interface server deliver the search outputs as requested by the user on the webpage.

Features of Our Blockchain Explorer

Address analysis and changes

Check transaction address, and modifications for better insight of transactions.

Check Mempool Status

Analyze the unconfirmed transactions on a blockchain along with their details.

Orphan and Stale Block Analysis

Check for blocks that are anonymous and are not attached to the longest blockchain after mining.

Block Genesis

Look for the history of a block, starting from its first miner to the current one.

Blockchain Analytics

Get an in-depth insight into token rates, gas fees and marketcap of the blockchain.

Transaction History and Wallet Address

View any transaction history and audit any wallet address for blockchain transparency.

Our Work

Dashboard After Login

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard on the homepage gives an overview of token and transaction analytics with graphical representation. These analytics give details of latest per second transaction, block ID, current token price and block age.

Transaction Details

Check the transaction details including the block number, timestamp, gas fee, to and from addresses, of the blocks. Transaction detail page gives information on transaction confirmation. Confirmed transactions are then added to the chain of blocks.

Token Details

Check the market data factors for an overview of value and the size of a token. This will help users understand token’s current market position.

Dashboard After Login

After logging in to the dashboard, users can create a watchlist for transactions, add private transaction notes and can tag addresses as per their interest.

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