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Blockchain Masterclasses

Engaging live webinars by Blockchain architects, decoding Blockchain development for startups and enterprises.

On-Demand Blockchain Masterclasses

Blockchain Masterclass: How to design a blockchain application architecture?

This masterclass, presented by blockchain architects and featured speakers Akash Takyar and Deepak Shokeen, delves into the fundamentals of architecture design in dApp development, elaborating the types, patterns, techniques, and best design and development practices. The duo speaks about the functional aspects of Blockchain and how they enable decentralized application architectures, outlines a sample application with DevOps and microservices specifics, and explains how to model blockchain applications with essential suggestions and cautions.

Blockchain Masterclass: How to choose the right blockchain for development?

Enterprises are rushing towards adopting and implementing blockchain technology into their businesses. However, choosing the right blockchain platform for project development requires knowledge of the technology and awareness of business and project requirements.

In this exclusive webinar, our speakers will guide you on selecting the best-fit blockchain platform specific to your business. Watch now and discover the right blockchain for your project.