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Clarification Regarding Our Recent IT Job Posting

Dear Community,

We at LeewayHertz wish to clarify a recent issue concerning a job posting for an IT position in our New Delhi, India office.

  • Error in Job Posting: The job posting inadvertently specified “Male only” candidates. This error occurred when a junior member of our HR team assembled the job description using a template designed for a security guard position, which included this inappropriate specification. This language does not reflect our company’s values or hiring policies.
  • Role of Recruitment Software: Our recruitment process uses Zoho Recruit software tool that enables one-click distribution of job postings to multiple job boards. Unfortunately, in this instance, the posting was disseminated before it underwent any standard review process, which would have caught and corrected this error.
  • Unprecedented in Our History: In our 15 years of operation, such an oversight has never occurred. We have always upheld the highest standards in our communications and hiring practices, championing diversity and equal opportunity.
  • Immediate Response and Measures: Upon discovery of this oversight, we immediately retracted the job posting from all platforms. We are now implementing additional safeguards and review steps in our job posting procedure to ensure all content accurately represents our commitment to equal opportunity employment.
  • Our Stance on Inclusivity: We wish to reiterate that LeewayHertz is an equal opportunity employer. We have a long-standing history of diverse hiring practices.
  • Invitation to Apply: The IT position in Delhi, like all positions at LeewayHertz, is open to all qualified candidates, regardless of gender, race, or background. We encourage interested individuals to apply.

We appreciate your understanding and are committed to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment for all our employees and applicants.

Best regards,
HR Department,