Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies 2019

In today’s digital era, having software that can meet the specific business needs has become the necessity for enterprise survival.

The off-shelf software consists of various unused features. It results in the additional cost to the businesses. But, the custom software enables companies to streamline their operations and cater to the needs of the business accordingly.

Switching from off the shelf software to custom software can offer a plethora of advantages to various enterprises. They can use customized software to manage most of their business processes such as human resource management, content and customer management.

Custom software can add value to the businesses by allowing enterprises to respond in a proactive way to the situations. Also, it helps in effective integration across key systems and facilitates compliance and makes other external transactions easy.

Let’s discuss a few of the benefits that custom software development services could offer to the businesses

1. Long-term assistance

When you hire custom software development services, they offer long term assistance along with software maintenance and regular updates as per business requirements. It helps to keep the business process uninterrupted.

2. Minimal errors

Custom software solutions are error-less and have all the required features which play the key role in business operations. Thus, it improves the performance and efficiency of the business process.

3. Custom applications work the way you want

Many business owners face issues while using ready-made software, as they are forced to change business processes to utilize the solution thoroughly. Custom software solutions are specifically developed to accommodate business needs.
Developers can provide you with the final product that would work as you want, thereby simplifying the business process and save time and effort.

4. Database and cache

Every software product needs a database to store the data. A full stack developer should understand the concepts of the databases and know how to interact with it seamlessly. MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Oracle are some popular databases that are being used by the developers to develop the backend for dynamic applications.

We have created a list of the best custom software development companies based on the following factors:

  • Significant experience in custom software development
  • Several technologies stacks
  • Affordable pricing quotes
  • Client’s testimonials
  • Company’s portfolio
  • Confidentiality with NDA
  • Reviews and ratings
  • High maintenance and regular support of the project

If you want to hire the best custom software development companies then you can find the right partner from the following list:

Custom Software Development Companies

Founded in 2007, Leewayhertz is one of the best custom software development companies that has worked with several enterprises. Over a decade year of experience, their expertise in delivering end-to-end custom software development services can help businesses reach the pinnacle of success.

They have partnered with fortune 500 companies and worked for more than 100 companies to provide them the customized solution that helped them grow on a large scale. Their dedicated team developed many projects likeTraceRx, iCruise and ESPN.

LeewayHertz team of skilled and experienced software developers provides the finest of services within the specified budget and time-frames.

Services offered: Blockchain development, mobile and web development, full stack development and Artificial Intelligence.

Established in 1997, Whitecap has the right expertise to deliver the bespoke custom software development services. Having years of experience, they can provide quality, well designed and developed custom software solutions that streamline the client’s business process.

Services offered: Custom software, Power BI, Enterprise e-commerce, Website Design and MyHydroEye.

Having more than two decades of experience, Konverge is specialized in developing dynamic custom software applications.

The Konverge’s software development teams help create long-term competitive advantages that save time, money and resources. They have worked with more than 268 clients and delivered approximately 312 projects that meet the business needs.

Services offered: Custom software solutions, Web & Mobile, SharePoint and Business Intelligence.

Formed in 2003, BluEnt is a technology consulting company, providing custom application development services. They have skilled programmers and designers, delivering the clients with a robust and user-friendly design, development and maintenance of mobile apps, web portals and custom applications.

Services offered: Application development, mobile apps and web, social media and email marketing.

Founded in 2005, Prog4biz Software Ltd. provides custom software development solutions to their global customers along with testing, support and quality maintenance.

They follow an agile methodology to deliver the key enterprise solution, based on the company’s requirements.

Services offered: Custom software development, LIMS development, enterprise software development and BI analysis, SRS, UI/UX services.

Belitsoft, the Europe based company, established in 2004, providing well designed and customized software development solutions.

They are partnered with global clients based on the United States, UK, Europe and Israel, from small to big companies, having thousands of employees. Belitsoft offers one-stop custom software solution tailored uniquely as per the business needs and budget.

Services offered: Custom software development, JAVA development, blockchain development, mobile app development, and E-learning software development.

Intellectsoft has relevant experience in developing high quality and functional custom software solutions. They know how to build custom applications and web portal using the latest technologies. The company has been researching the new technology innovations to provide organizations with cutting-edge IT solutions, driving real value to their businesses.

Services offered: iOS Development Services, Android App Development, Windows App Development, Cloud Services and iPad App Development.

The top-notch company offers custom software development services to business owners using the latest technologies. The services provided by the SoftServe can help enterprises and companies to efficiently do business.

They have developed custom based software for many industries such as healthcare, retail, finance and media that accelerated their business operations.

Services offered: Devops, Internet of things and custom software development.

The company is known for the development of the dynamic custom software that helps businesses improve business functionalities.

With profound technological expertise in a wide range of industries like financial, advertising, marketing and real estate, Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allow every size of businesses to evolve, scale and prosper.

Services offered: Cloud & SaaS Web Applications, Android & iOS Mobile Applications, AI & ML and Enterprise Development.

Having more than 20 years of experience in software development, Trigent has successfully delivered 300 applications projects.

They understand businesses needs and goals to deliver innovative applications. The hassle-free customized solution helped their clients to run the businesses in a better way.

Services offered: Cloud development, Enterprise ADM, Product engineering and business intelligence.

We consider qualitative and quantitative parameters for choosing top performing companies in the software development industry.

How can you select the right Custom Software Development Company?

In spite of the countless custom software development companies available in the market, it is hard for researchers to choose the privileged company for the business.

You can also choose the reputed software development company in the listing platforms on Google, as they do qualitative research based on the parameters such as experience, development capabilities, ratings and reviews.
Some of the top listings platforms are:

It is crucial to ask the questions listed below while hiring the custom software development firm:

  • Do they use the latest technologies and frameworks for developing customized software?
  • How many years of experience in the IT industry they have?
  • What are the current software solutions they have developed?
  • What strategies do they follow while working on the project?
  • What could be their best pricing quote?
  • How do they manage overseas client?
  • Is the company featured on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)?

The above-mentioned questions can help you find the potential custom software development company that can identify your business needs in an utmost manner. Considering all these factors can help you find the right partner hassle-free.

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Akash Takyar
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