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Geospatial Data Analysis

A US-based geospatial intelligence and analytics company engaged LeewayHertz’s data analysis services to unlock valuable insights from a complex geospatial dataset. Employing advanced data analysis techniques, LeewayHertz proficiently detected anomalies in the dataset and unearthed intricate patterns, delivering invaluable insights.


The geospatial intelligence and analytics company encountered the challenge of comprehending an extensive geospatial dataset characterized by intricate details while maintaining the integrity and security of the data. This involved extracting useful insights, spotting patterns, recognizing home and work addresses, identifying unusual movements and high mobility patterns, and pinpointing sensitive locations. The dataset had limited identifiers, demanding a careful approach to analyze and offer meaningful context within these limitations.


LeewayHertz addressed the geospatial intelligence company’s multifaceted challenge through a comprehensive data analysis and processing pipeline. The solution encompassed several key components, including data preprocessing to convert timestamps, geocoding services for human-readable addresses, descriptive statistics, clustering analysis, correlation analysis, event analysis, statistical insights, data visualization through heatmaps, and device tampering detection. This holistic approach aimed to unravel the complexities of the dataset and deliver actionable intelligence.

LeewayHertz’s Comprehensive Solution for the Geospatial Intelligence and Analytics Company Entailed

Enhanced Context

Leveraging geocoding services, we converted latitude and longitude coordinates into human-readable addresses, further enhancing the contextual understanding of the data. Additionally, we identified business types and names at specific locations, enriching the dataset.

Descriptive Statistics and Clustering

They performed descriptive statistics and clustering analysis to gain insights into dataset characteristics, segment data effectively, and understand patterns within the information.

Correlation Analysis

LeewayHertz’s team analyzed correlations between specific features, providing valuable insights into the relationships within the data and uncovering hidden connections.

Event Analysis and Visualization

The analysis included visualizations of total event counts by city and identification of common events, offering a clear overview. Heatmaps and visual representations were generated to aid in the interpretation of data, revealing location density and movement patterns.

Anomaly Detection

Through a series of data analyses, they uncovered a plethora of insights, including frequent locations, longest continuous stays, and potential home/work addresses, and flagged suspicious activities based on intricate location, date, and time patterns.

Device Tampering Detection

To ensure data integrity and security, we implemented measures to detect devices that suddenly stopped transmitting data, a potential sign of tampering or intentional disabling.

Final Product

Geospatial Data Analysis

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