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How Internet of Things work?

How IoT works? – The Internet of Things is transforming our day-to-day lives.  From the way we drive to how we make purchases and even how we get energy for our homes, sophisticated sensors and chips are embedded in the physical things that surround us.

Each device transmits valuable data that lets us better understand how these things work together. But the question is how all these devices share large quantities of data and how to put that information to work.

How the Internet of Things Works?

Whether we have to improve the production of a factory, provide city residents real-time updates on where to park or monitor our health, it’s the Internet of Things platform that brings us diverse information and provides the same language for the apps and devices to communicate with each other.

Internet Things Platform

The process starts with the devices to securely communicate with an Internet of Things platform. This platform integrates the data from many devices and applies analytics to share the most valuable data with applications that address industry-specific needs.

Internet of Things Solution for Connected Cars

Let’s start with a simple example. After a car takes a long road trip, Rebecca finds that her check engine light is on. She understands that she might need a car mechanic but is not sure whether it’s something minor or something that needs immediate attention.

Connected Vehicles | Internet of Things

The sensor triggering Rebecca’s check engine light monitors the pressure in her brake line. A component of the car called the diagnostic bus gathers the data from all these sensors and transfers it to a gateway in the car.

The Gateway integrates and sorts the data from the sensors to transmit the relevant diagnostic information to the manufacturer’s platform. But before sending the organized data, the cars gateway and platform must first register with each other and confirm a secure communication.

The platform continually gathers and stores thousands of bits of information from Rebecca’s car in a secure database. The manufacturer added rules and logic to the platform.

Every time Rebecca’s car sends a signal that her brake fluid has dropped below a recommended level, the platform triggers a notification in her car. The manufacturer also makes use of the platform to create and manage applications solving specific issues.

Internet of Things Solution for Connected Cars

In this case, the manufacturer can use an app on the platform called the asset management system. The application oversees all of their customer’s vehicles on the road as well as all the parts in their warehouses. It makes use of the data from Rebecca’s car to give her a potential appointment time to service her car, directions to the nearest certified dealer, and a coupon for the service.

The app will also ensure Rebecca’s brakes are covered under her warranty that the accurate replacement part is required and then sent to the dealership. So, it is ready when she arrives, but the manufacturer’s analysis does not stop. They have also deployed a continuous engineering application to keep track of not only Rebecca’s car but hundreds of thousands of others looking for ways to improve the design and manufacturing process of the car itself.

If the same problem in her brake line crops up in a critical number of other cars, the manufacturer uses custom-built applications for the automobile industry to pinpoint the exact problem. They can see if these cars used the same parts, components were made at the same factory, or came off the assembly line on the same day. With the help of IoT, she can be back on the road faster and get to where she’s going safely.

There can be a lot of examples that show the Internet of Things in action. To get a better understanding of the Internet of Things, reach out to our team of experts. 


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