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LeewayHertz’s AI excellence shines in Entrepreneur feature


LeewayHertz recently got featured in “Entrepreneur” magazine’s latest insight, “Should You Hire An AI Consultant?” by Liz Brody. The piece, featuring insights from tech experts and entrepreneurs, explored the strategic importance of hiring an AI consultant for businesses.

The article presented diverse perspectives, including that of Jayesh Gadewar, Co-founder of Scrut Automation, a notable client of LeewayHertz. Gadewar shared his positive experience collaborating with LeewayHertz, highlighting how the AI tool for process automation developed by them significantly elevated operational efficiency for Scrut Automation, a startup specializing in compliance and security software. The tool transformed Scrut Automation’s security assessment procedures, reducing assessment time from 50 hours to an impressive 15 minutes.

This accomplishment was made possible through ZBrain, LeewayHertz’s proprietary generative AI platform, which crafts tailor-made solutions by leveraging clients’ business data in any format. The platform creates context-aware Large Language Model (LLM)-based apps, improving operational efficiency for businesses across departments.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Gadewar noted that working with LeewayHertz helped Scrut minimize costs, accelerate time to market, and gain a competitive edge.

Deepak Shokeen, CTO of LeewayHertz, expresses delight at the recognition, stating, “It’s truly an honor to be recognized by Entrepreneur magazine for our contributions to the field of AI. At LeewayHertz, we are driven by a passion for harnessing the true potential of AI to solve real-world challenges. This acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to delivering practical and impactful AI solutions that make a difference for our clients.”

The success narrative of LeewayHertz, showcased in “Entrepreneur,” underscores the company’s pivotal role as a premier AI consulting firm. With a proven track record, LeewayHertz serves as a guiding force for businesses across diverse industries, helping them navigate intricate challenges and propelling them toward innovation and a distinct competitive edge.

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