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LeewayHertz featured in S&P Global’s piece on AI’s impact on private equity

S&P Global

LeewayHertz, a leading AI development and consulting company, has been featured in S&P Global’s article on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the private equity sector. The piece delves into how private equity businesses are actively exploring the potential impacts of AI advancements on portfolio companies.

Providing valuable insights into this realm, Akash Takyar, CEO of LeewayHertz, underscores the potential of AI in analyzing proprietary data collected by private equity firms from portfolio companies. Akash states, “Only AI can make sense of it (proprietary data), because these are unstructured data. Some of these are PDFs, some of them are databases, some of them are Excel [spreadsheets]. A large language model is much better at figuring out the context from multiple data sources.”

He also addresses concerns about data security, highlighting the need for robust risk governance measures to protect proprietary information.

Talking about innovative applications of artificial intelligence in private equity operations, Akash highlights the ripe opportunities for AI in contacting prospective investment targets. He delves into how AI-driven bots can craft personalized “cold emails,” effectively serving as introductory letters to investment targets. By harnessing data scraped from public platforms like LinkedIn, these applications aim to captivate recipients and substantially elevate response rates, reshaping the outreach landscape for private equity firms.

With leading firms like The Carlyle Group Inc. and Blackstone Inc. already exploring AI deployment internally and at portfolio companies, the industry appears poised for a significant transformation.

As experts in the realm of AI, LeewayHertz has consistently empowered businesses within the private equity sector to navigate the complexities and possibilities inherent in the AI landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, LeewayHertz remains dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the AI-driven era while prioritizing privacy and security.

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