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Metaverse development services and solutions under one umbrella

We are forging ahead in metaverse development by designing and launching decentralized metaverse projects that are powered by immersive 3D virtual spaces, metaverse applications, and interoperable platforms to provide users vivid realism in their virtual experiences across verticals, such as gaming, social networking, events, work, and NFT trading.

Our Metaverse Development Solutions

Digital Payment Solutions

Payment solutions designed for next-gen digital economies

By implementing our blockchain-enabled digital payment and financial solutions powered by distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies, we build and launch progressive and sustainable metaverse projects that are compatible with evolving digital economies.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace

Unlock the power to do more with NFTs

We help you attract a growing community of NFT users and traders by launching an NFT marketplace that complements metaverse by extending the NFT functionality into VR-enabled 3D games to deliver realistic gaming experiences with play-to-earn opportunities.

Digital Twins and Simulations

Enlightening experiences by converging virtuality and realism

Our digital twin solution helps create and integrate digital models (twins) of physical objects from the real world into metaverse’s virtual reality to facilitate object monitoring and performance optimization through sensor-based simulations.

Metaverse Values

Virtual Events

Making digital events more immersive and life like

Our virtual event solutions bring together the best of in-person and virtual event experiences through immersive metaverse platforms that address your audience’s hybrid event needs, such as registration, ticketing, live streaming, networking, and audience engagement, all from a single platform.

Virtual Working Space

Bringing deep realism to virtual co-working

We provide next-gen remote working solutions through immersive and synchronic metaverse 3D virtual spaces that allow users to enjoy excellent connection, productivity, and transparency in distant work cultures through AR- and VR-controlled avatars.

Healthcare Metaverse

Expanding the Healthcare capacities in new dimensions

Through the convergence of virtual and physical environments in a metaverse setting, we broaden the reach of medical care by strengthening healthcare facilities across staff training, data monitoring and management, drug delivery and tracking, and user experience.

Our Metaverse Development Services

Metaverse Rental Space

Metaverse Rental Space

We offer customised 3D rental spaces in our metaverse.These spaces include everything from formal and informal meeting rooms to special spaces for nft exhibitions, product launches and product showrooms. Users can rent these metaverse spaces by the hour, month, or year.

Metaverse Applications

Metaverse Applications

We build decentralized applications using metaverse computing resources, such as open programming standards, 3D immersive simulations, smart contracts, and AI. Our metaverse apps have premium user interfaces and are censorship resistant.

3D Spaces

3D Spaces

We help metaverse projects grow their use cases by rendering scalable 3D visualization, 3D modeling, and space design and by providing development services for games, social media platforms, virtual events, and remote workplaces, all tailored to the project’s individual needs.

Gaming Metaverse

Gaming Metaverse

We assist you in launching your gaming metaverse, anchored by decentralized, interoperable 3D virtual backdrops, avatars, and NFT-enabled play-to-earn opportunities, to help you forge ahead in the market competition by catering to the global gamers’ craze for engaging playability.

Metaverse Avatar Development

Metaverse 3D Avatar

We build 3D avatars with technologies like AI, machine learning, AR and VR and integrate them into your metaverse project. Our team empower users to connect and interact with each other through their identity-specific digital representations.

Integration Services

Integration Services

To improve users’ experience of your metaverse project, we help you to scale its functionalities and features with our wide-ranging integration services, including system integration consulting and end-to-end integration of APIs, data, ecosystem tools, and service-oriented architectures.

Technology Stack

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3D modelling


Asset Creation


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Frame work


Smart Contract Programing



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Metaverse in education

Metaverse in education

The metaverse will undoubtedly revamp the education system, accelerate learning and restructure the existing system into a more advanced, innovative and relevant one.

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