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A 3D Virtual World for Everyone
Metavesal is a seamless gateway to the world of the metaverse. Designed to facilitate better human collaboration via a real-time custom metaverse environment, it redefines how we work, live and socialize. Metavesal provides immersive, feature-rich 3D metaverse spaces for conducting events, hosting conferences, and setting up virtual meetings.


Metavesal is an enterprise-grade metaverse-as-a-service solution targeted to meet the custom Web3 needs of enterprises via a realistic virtual meeting environment. The platform is ideal for holding conferences and events and setting up NFT marketplaces. There are no complicated regulations or lengthy procedures; businesses can create their accounts and log in to reserve and access their authorized 3D spaces.


In today’s digitally bound era, where everyone connects and works virtually, a metaverse platform is the need of the hour. With a metaverse platform, people can host events to offer an immersive experience to their users. This helps because users can reap all the benefits of a metaverse without developing one from scratch, avoiding development costs.

A metaverse platform is best for enterprises seeking to leverage the benefits of hyper-realistic visuals, 3D spaces and real-time communication.



LeewayHertz has developed Metavesal, a SaaS-based solution for companies to join the metaverse and customize their virtual spaces according to their branding and needs. It is an immersive virtual platform that provides the benefits of space customization, flawless communication, and an immersive 3D experience in real time.

Features of Metavesal


Video streaming

Metavesal enables you to expand your audience with a smooth and flawless video streaming feature ideal for music concerts, gaming, and sports events.


Spatial Audio

With 3D voice technology and spatial audio enabled in Metavesal, your avatars may perform lifelike motions, lip-synching, and facial expressions.


On-screen Content Sharing

Metavesal’s 3D immersive platform allows you to share your content on someone else’s screen, creating a unified content-sharing experience.


Group and private Invitation

Metavesal includes an invitation feature that allows you to broadcast group and private invitations to anyone.


Private Chat With Avatar

Through the platform’s unique chat function, you can engage in one-on-one conversations, just as in the real world, connect, communicate, and share your ideas.


Support 1000 Avatars

Customize unique avatars with specific traits and personalities to express person-specific digital identity in the Metaverse.

Highlights of the platform



Collection of 3D Spaces



Receive access to a range of metaverse spaces customized to brand-specific needs, helping you conduct meeting in a realistic and immersive virtual environment.




Customized Virtual Rooms



Set up and customize virtual rooms to conduct meetings and share ideas through real-time discussions and chats.




Extended and Mixed Reality



We have developed Metavesal converging technologies like AR, VR, AI and blockchain, which brings extended reality through its interconnected 3D metaverse ecosystem.


Technology Stack

Technology stack
Technology stack

The Final Product