We start the process by having our clients elaborate on their app idea or the business problem they are facing. Once we have a thorough understanding of the problem, we begin capturing all of the requirements in a Scope of Work document. Then when we are all on the same page, our creative team will quickly produce an Interactive Creative Brief to demonstrate our understanding of your application and showcase our mobile app expertise.

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Stakeholders Interview

By consulting with your team, we are able to fully grasp your problem or idea. Our goal is to understand where you are now and where you want to go. Our app experts will brainstorm with you and let you know the best practices to give your mobile application the best possible user experience.

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Scope of Work Document

The goal of this document is to capture everything that we understand about your desired app. This covers everything from the user experience to back-end architecture, design, and implementation. This document will also include a listing of the technologies we will use to implement the solution, time, and cost estimates, and any known hurdles we must overcome to guarantee a successful launch of the solution.

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Creative Brief

Our creative team will design and produce an initial Interactive Creative Brief to demonstrate a possible direction for the user experience of your app. Your feedback on our creative work helps us further transform the initial Scope of Work document into a detailed formal proposal.


Once we have completed the profiling process, we then create the Design Proposal. Our design proposal covers all the discovery, design, and documentation for the client’s app project. We then commit to a fixed price for the project, at the end of which, the client will retain full ownership of the complete pixel perfect screen designs of their app solution, from the front-end to the back-end. As a part of this process, our clients get to work with our award-winning user interface design team to bring the app concept to life, while we document the complete technical architecture required to implement the app.

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High-Fidelity Screens

The design team experts create detailed designs to match each client’s unique vision for their mobile application. These screens are uploaded to our application lifecycle management platform, which gives each customer the freedom to access the high fidelity screens and provide feedback.

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Functionality Document

We deliver a design proposal to each client at the end of this stage; the complete flow of the app is consulted upon and captured within this document in pixel perfect screen designs.


This stage helps us to design the right app for our client’s individual needs and budget; their thorough feedback on app designs helps us in perfecting the user experience. The LeewayHertz Project Manager, Technical Architect, and User Interface Designers advise and consult with our client continuously throughout the Design Phase.

We document the app’s flow through pixel perfect screen designs and interactive prototypes. We also work closely with our clients IT team to ensure integration with their existing infrastructure. Based on backend requirements, we also create any admin portals or Content Management Systems and web services. At all times, our focus is on delivering the best user experience. Once our client approves all the final designs in the Design stage, we narrow our Development stage cost estimates down to a fixed cost.

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Understanding Existing Solution

During the Design Stage, we analyze and document the infrastructure and web services that will be a part of the project. Additionally, any other deliverables will be captured from the client-side, such as existing patented algorithms that the app must utilize.

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Tech Architecture

Using Agile software development, lightweight design, and efficient management procedures, we respond to our clients varying requirements. Our Project Managers work with our Technical Architects to create a technical framework and technical architecture to have flawless communication between the app and backend systems..

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Web Services Definition

As part of our deliverables for the Design stage, we identify and document all web services and technical architecture requirements to form the development strategy.


Once we have completely captured the functionality and user experience during the Design stage, we provide a Development proposal with fixed cost for the Development stage. After receiving a sign-off on the Development proposal, our development team begins coding the entire app solution and sending the client periodic test releases of the app for them to install, experience and give feedback. LeewayHertz’s fixed cost includes comprehensive quality assurance, as well as submission the app to the relevant app stores, or facilitating distribution of the app within our client’s enterprise.

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Database Schema Design

The database schema in the app is selected after the user experience has been approved during the Design stage. We will construct the databases in the app, as well as any backend databases with which the app needs to communicate. We determine what level of data has to be cached locally in order for the user to access the app even if there is no active internet connection. If we are integrating with our clients existing infrastructure, the database selection decision for the backend will involve their IT team.

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Coding And Integration

Our developers start coding once all the designs from the design stage are approved by our client; they follow the Design document as a complete blueprint for the coding of the application. With each test build we send, we refine the functionality and also implement any feedback received. When necessary, we will integrate the app into our client’s existing infrastructure or build the backend of the solution.


The development and quality analysis phase largely involves our technical architect, software development team, and quality assurance teams planning the implementation of the application and then starting the coding process utilizing agile development methodologies.

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Integration And UI Testing

The user’s experience is a critical component of any successful app. The app must be intuitive and user-centric or the user simply will not use the app. We test to make sure the entire flow of the app is streamlined so the user can quickly enter or retrieve information seamlessly.
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Beta Testing

We ensure the flow of the app is very intuitive, and the features work exactly as expected. Our testing team manually tests the app’s flow and functionality. We also utilize automated testing tools to optimize the communication structure, navigation, and data input-output results. With each test release we implement both our test cases and any test cases that our clients might provide. We also facilitate rolling the app out to Beta users at our clients enterprise to capture their real world feedback so that we can make final improvements prior to the full production launch.
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App Store Testing

After doing end-to-end testing, we do a final check of the app store review guidelines ensuring the application meets all the latest requirements. We have a complete understanding of Apple, Google, and Window’s Terms and Conditions to ensure our client’s app maintains compliance from the ground up.


LeewayHertz takes care of the entire app deployment process: whether the app needs to go live in the app stores, or be only securely available within your enterprise, we can handle it. We can also create the content for the app’s store landing page, and a separate landing page website for the app to help market it.

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Provisioning Setup

When LeewayHertz is ready to deliver test releases of the application, we ask our clients to provide the necessary information for any necessary app store provisioning processes, such as capturing their iOS test device’s UDID. We will coordinate with our client as to how their Apple Developer Account credentials will be used to build the final release of the iOS version of the application and if it should be submitted to the Apple App Store. We also coordinate with our clients IT teams for enterprise deployment.

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We handle submitting the app to public app stores, so our client doesn’t have to. Distributing iOS apps within enterprises requires an Enterprise Apple Developer Account. We can help our client securely distribute their app in their enterprise. You must purchase an Apple or Google Developer Account to submit an app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 


After the app goes live on the app stores or is distributed within our client’s enterprise, LeewayHertz offers a standard warranty period. During this period, LeewayHertz will review users feedback on the app and advise on any changes that need to be made to the app. During the warranty period, we fix any issues with the app solution and update it on the app store at no additional charge.

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Source Code Transfer

Our client will own all the source code and work product that we create for the project. In fact, all intellectual property created by LeewayHertz our client’s app is their sole property.

Warranty & Maintenance | Mobile App Development

Feedback And Follow Up

Once users have been using the app and giving feedback, whether through app store reviews or internal feedback processes, LeewayHertz will be available to offer guidance and best practices on how to improve the app.

Warranty & Maintenance | Mobile App Development

Maintenance And Enhancement

After the warranty period expires, any further enhancements to your app will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. Client approval will be required before we do any follow-on billable work. LeewayHertz commits to providing this support for our client’s app from the cradle to the grave.

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