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Oracle implementation solution for Blockchain protocols

We provide oracle development and implementation solutions to blockchain protocols. Our solutions enable a blockchain’s smart contracts to connect with external on-chain data sources, off-chain computation and APIs.

Oracle Implementation Solution For Blockchain Protocols

Bridge Your Blockchain with Other Networks and Data Sources

Our oracle development and implementation solution will bridge your blockchain network with external data sources and other relay networks. It will add a layer that queries, verifies, and authenticates the information from external sources and relays on your Blockchain network.

Features of Our Oracle Solution

Enhance the scope for Defi development upon your network with our Oracle development and implementation solution

On-chain and off-chain connectivity

Via oracle, on-chain smart contracts can connect with other on-chain data marketplaces and off-chain computation or APIs.

Retrieve external data

An oracle enables dApp developers to easily retrieve highly validated data from external sources and also access off-chain computation

Push notifications

Oracle tracks your network logs, and for any smart contract state changes, it sends push notifications to off-chain systems.

Decentralized and reliable external data

Decentralized Oracle Network provides Defi applications access to tamper-resistant, high-quality aggregated data that is safe from risks like oracle exploits and flash loan attacks.

Security for existing systems

Automate the backend of business processes to remove counterparty risk and reduce dependencies on third parties.

Increase transparency for users

Incorporate decentralized data inputs to provide your users with superior guarantees about the execution of key services

Deployment of Our Oracle Solution

Our oracle implementation solution connects your blockchain to the decentralized oracles network and access to any external data sources.

Wallet development and setup

To obtain the tokens for triggering your Defi smart contracts, first, we set up the wallet. If required, we develop the wallets.

Obtain Testnet LINK

To send data requests to our oracle network, a Requesting Smart Contract is needed. To initiate the process, we obtain a testnet LINK.

Development of Requesting Smart Contract

Next, we create a basic standardized smart contract for initiating requests for external data via a oracle. We can modify the contract to suit your requirement.

Deployment and testing of Smart contract

Then, we comply and deploy the contract to the Testnet LINK, and fund it with LINK token from the wallet to mobilize it to send requests to the oracles in the DON.

Data request submission

Once the Requesting contract is deployed and funded with LINK, the request function is run to send the request to the Oracle.

DON connectivity

The Requesting Contract connects with the Decentralized Oracle Network, and then DON takes over with its request allocation and data fetching mechanism and provides the asked data.

How does Oracle Implementation Function?

How does Oracle Implementation Function?

What Kind of Data can be accessed through Oracle Implementation?

To enhance the use cases of your smart contacts, we provide the oracle implementation solutions that enable the smart contacts of your chain access various external data sources

On-chain Marketplace

Price and Market data
(on-chain & off-chain)

Expanded Computation

Verifiable Randomness

Maintenance Bot

Expanded Computation

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