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Budweiser | Big Picture Proof
Enabling and Encouraging Social Media Interaction At Events

Budweiser hosts and sponsors large social events throughout the year. They contacted LeewayHertz to develop an app that would enable branded picture taking with social media sharing at their events. The app was developed in partnership with Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions.

The application has an easy to use interface; users first select the event they are at, take pictures and have them imprinted with Budweiser’s distinctive logo. The users can then view and share those pictures all at once on their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). If the users so want to, they can even email or text those pictures via MMS.

To better facilitate the process and provide data, LeewayHertz created an Administrator Portal, which provides Budweiser’s marketing team with the unique opportunity to view real-time analytics of people sharing their photos and app usage during the event, providing valuable demographic data that had never been captured before.


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Internal Enterprise Distribution

Budweiser App Screen - 1| Taking & Sharing Pictures At Events Mobile App
Budweiser App Screen - 2| Taking & Sharing Pictures At Events Mobile App
Budweiser App Screen - 3| Taking & Sharing Pictures At Events Mobile App