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An improved blockchain-powered monetary solution with an upgraded user interface and new-added functionality features.

Goals and Objectives

The objective of this project was to upgrade the monetary system by enriching its web interface & applications and resolving its underlying functional and technical issues. As the user base of the monetary system grew, the client started experiencing certain limitations and issues in the existing architecture of the system. Assessing and acknowledging the scope of improvement, we designed the solutions to resolve the existing problems in the system.

The Solution

We upgraded the monetary system by redesigning the user interface (UI) of the website. To enhance the potentiality of the website and its applications, we updated its stellar core version and integrated advanced blockchain capacities into it. We also created a node monitoring dashboard, developed a rewarding fee system and provided support to resolve issues related to blockchain infrastructure management. We are helping the clients with continued support services to ensure the smooth functioning of the platform.

Redesign and Updates

Redesigned the user interface and updated the website to improve the navigation, look & feel and responsiveness over multiple devices, including ioS and Android.

Blockchain Nodes Monitoring Dashboard

Built to display the live status of every node, sync the existing blockchain nodes and configure a watchdog service.

Update Stellar Core To Latest Version

Updated the underlying blockchain of the monetary system to the latest version of the stellar core. Also, created a test network to test and validate the network design to enhance speed.

Working on a New Token

Building a new cryptocurrency token. Other processes in the pipeline include the launch of the token test network, launch on the token and contracts on Mainnet and its testing with the interface.

Technologies Used