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Smart Contract Monitor

A tool to monitor Smart Contracts and transactions.

User defined filters and queries automatically notify the predeclared email or push notifications.  

Smart Contract Monitoring

Smart Contract Monitoring Service

Smart contract monitor provides your network users and developers unified details about smart contracts and their transactions, all on a single web-based platform.

Real-time triggering of alerts for every successful and failed transactions, state change, token transfer, drop in balance for any addresses. It also helps keep the contracts on guard by detecting and alerting suspicious activities and errors.

Key Features of White Label Smart Contract Monitor


Real-time monitoring

Monitors smart contracts in real time, enabling close data visualization and analysis for identifying patterns and anomalies.


Real-time alerts

Sends real-time alerts or notifications every time an event triggers the custom set of rules for any smart contract active on your network.


State Inspector

Facilitates easy viewing of the smart contracts’ state (data) at any point in a transaction, providing a granular view of the state changes.


Unified Dashboard

Gives a consolidated view of information about each transaction, including the block, addresses, time stamp, gas, txn value, txn index, and more.


Contract Picker

Contract picker functionality allows viewing of detailed analytics per contract for data such as transactions over time, active users, gas used and more


Transaction Filter

Allows for sorting and grouping of smart contract transactions across multiple parameters, making it easier to probe and analyze the data.

Alert Triggers of Our Smart Contract Monitor

Here are a few instances that our white label smart contract monitoring tool can monitor and trigger alerts; additional capacities can be featured as per your requirement.


Successful transactions


Failed transactions


Token transfers


Transaction value match


State change


Drop in balance

Blockchain Support






A Walk-Through Our White Label Blockchain Explorer


Transaction Details

A unified dashboard to deep dive into transaction details, navigating through the ‘overview,’ ‘contracts,’ ‘events’, and ‘state changes. The ‘Overview’ segment specifies its network, block, sender and receiver address, timestamp, value, gas fees, and more.

Smart Contract Details

Quick details for individual smart contracts specifying their network, verification status, tags, etc. Users can conveniently view transactions for that contract and rename, hide or delete it as required.



Users can view analytics data per contract through visually representing graphs that provide easy insight into transactions over time, gas used over time, top callers, and active users for the last 7 days.


Edit Alert

Users can set alert triggers for various instances like successful transactions, failed transactions, fall in token value for a particular address, state change, transaction value match, etc. Alerts help in keeping the smart contracts on guard.

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