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Top Ethereum Blockchain Development Companies 2024

Do you wish to adopt a rapid, low-cost, flexible and secure blockchain platform for your enterprise? You have landed on the right page, then. If you think of Ethereum as an option for introducing blockchain in your business, then get ready for some revolutionizing technology adoption. As blockchain technology is increasingly used in various applications ranging from international payments to sharing economy, supply chain auditing and identity management, the potential for disruption in various industries and other areas is becoming real. Hence, noting all the points mentioned above, we can surely say that Ethereum is a befitting solution in this situation. Ethereum is a platform for positive disruption in the growth of blockchain and various industries using blockchain.  

On this note, let’s understand the Ethereum platform briefly to get the hang of its fundamentals. Ethereum is defined as the decentralized platform that ensures the establishment of a peer-to-peer network to safely execute and verify the code of the application known as the smart contracts. 

One notable attribute of Ethereum is that it sets free the blockchain technology from the scalability limitations of Bitcoin. Ethereum is a visionary platform that eliminates the scope of data monopoly. In recent developments, Ethereum has uplifted its mechanism by adopting the processing technique of Sharding and has shifted to Proof-of-Stake from Proof-of-Work. 

With such liberating features, Ethereum is one of the most wanted platforms by the blockchain geeks and industries. The below-mentioned section of this article is a crisp listing of Top Ethereum Blockchain Development Companies. You can shortlist some of the best Ethereum Blockchain Development Companies on the following factors,

  • Total-experience in software development
  • Ethereum blockchain projects the company has worked on
  • Development technologies used by the companies
  • Clients’ valuable feedbacks
  • Number of members in the development team

We have precisely listed out some of the top-notch Ethereum Blockchain Development Companies after screening them through the factors mentioned above: 

Here is a list of the top 10 Ethereum Blockchain Development Companies in 2024.

1. LeewayHertz

Established in 2007 and located in San Francisco, LeewayHertz is one of the leading companies to provide a commercial app to the App Store. They are a group of enthusiastic designers and developers with experience designing and building over 100 software platforms for startups and enterprises. Their Ethereum developers are active participants of the core Ethereum development community. They have expertise in AI/ML, Blockchain, IoT, cloud and mobile.

$55 – $99 / hr



  San Francisco, CA

TraceRx, Armanino

2. Consensys

Consensys is a blockchain development firm that creates safe and efficient enterprise blockchain applications and developer tools. They have created and implemented several Enterprise Ethereum solutions. They give Ethereum developers information and tools based on their experience in Ethereum. A consensus team of specialists also provides in-person and virtual blockchain training.

$50 – $99 / hr

   50 – 249


   New York City, U.S

Infura, Alethio

3. Unicsoft

Unicsoft is a reputable technology consulting firm that provides A.I. and Blockchain solutions to help startups and organizations achieve their goals. The Unicsoft team has extensive experience in the domains of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics. They assist entrepreneurs in validating concepts, creating an MVP, iterating toward product-market fit, and scaling quickly.

$50 – $99 / hr



  London, U.K

Hoodifood, Kokoro


ELEKS is one of the leading 100 Global Outsourcing companies. They work with a wide range of clients and small and medium-sized businesses to increase their value through new technology. Their 1,800+ specialists spread across Europe and the United States provide their clients a comprehensive spectrum of software services. Software solutions, product design, quality assurance, R&D, smart teams, and maintenance and support services are among them.

$50 – $99 / hr



   Ajman City, UAE

Appygas, Aramex

5. ValueCoders

ValueCoders has been offering I.T. Outsourcing Services all around the world. They mix Business Domain Knowledge, Proven Methodologies, and Cutting-Edge Technology with 450+ well-trained software professionals to deliver high-quality solutions that add value to various businesses. They serve everyone for a wide range of technology requirements, from startups to enterprises, product companies to digital agencies, and SMEs to governments.

$25 – $49 / hr



   New Jersey, U.S. 

Brokeradge, Belife


6. Damco Solutions

Damco Solutions is a leading I.T. Services and Solutions company with more than twenty years of expertise in delivering exceptional customer value and intense business benefits to its customers worldwide.

$25 – $49 / hr



   New Jersey, U.S. 

Brokeradge, Belife

Kellton Tech solutions

7. Softeq

Chris Howard is the CEO of Softeq. A one-stop store for hardware, embedded, mobile, online, desktop, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud solutions. Their engineers provide full-stack development services, including both application- and hardware-level knowledge, which is difficult to get under one roof anywhere else. Softeq’s headquarters are in Houston, Texas, USA.




   Houston, TX, US

Epson, Intel

8. Osiz Technologies

OSIZ Technologies is a website building firm whose aim is to deliver the best results in various online industrial areas. They will provide excellent services that exceed their respected clients’ expectations due to their experience in software development and its technical elements.

$50 – $99 / hr

   50 – 249


   Tamil Nadu, India

Cryptopinnacle, Profit Miner

9. Velvetech

Velvetech LLC, based in Chicago, IL, is an award-winning bespoke software development and consulting firm that fosters innovation and success in the mid-size market. Velvetech provides the most effective and innovative information technology to its clients and partners. They innovate solutions that enable quick execution of their development objectives and lead to greater business results by relying on their thought leadership.

$50 – $99 / hr



   Northbrook, IL, US

Tradespoon, Healix


10. Aspired

With increased globalization and shrinking borders, Aspired (a Cubix firm) enables organizations to acquire elite talent without regard for national boundaries. Traditional issues like recruiting a great workforce continue to plague businesses. To address these challenges, Aspired advocates for the use of remote infrastructure.

With Aspired displaying significant promise, Cubix was eager to purchase Aspired and expand the business. Aspired is a superb development platform for hiring remote personnel on demand, with a brilliant pool of top-tier engineers, SQAs, programmers, game developers, and mobile app developers.

$25 – $49 / hr



  United States

  Canon , Sony

With Ethereum 2.0 surfacing as an upgrading blockchain platform compared to its previous version, it has adopted better scalability and consensus protocol. Thus with the protocol upgradation, staking in Ethereum will initiate greater involvement in securing the network of Ethereum. It will alter the path of several events to create a better decentralized platform, including how funds are handled, data is stored, contracts are made. With a shift from the PoW to PoS in Ethereum, it will also eliminate the mining process and efforts required for the same. Thus, shortlist the Ethereum Development companies cautiously based on their skills, expertise, and your needs.

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