Top IoT Development  Companies

IoT is widely used in various industries, including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, public sector, utilities and other industries. The survey conducted by Microsoft says that 47% of companies do not have enough skilled specialists to implement IoT technology. Therefore, businesses prefer to hire an IoT development company to mitigate risks, cut down costs and tap into a talent pool.

But, now the question is how to select the right IoT software development company? How to find an IoT development partner that can meet your particular business requirements?

We have come up with a list of top IoT development companies based on specific selection criteria.

Here are some of the factors that we have considered for selecting the top IoT companies


We have chosen top IoT companies using multiple sources such as vendors’ websites, LinkedIn accounts, visibility on Google search engine and directories (Good firms, the Manifest, Clutch).

We have considered the following aspects when finding the best IoT development companies:

Infographic for Top IoT development companies

  • Clients’ testimonials and reviews
  • Years of experience
  • Number of Employees
  • What pricing and engagement models do they offer?
  • If they have worked on IoT projects
  • How do they ensure transparent communication?
  • IoT tech stack the company works on

The above factors will help you find a reliable IoT development team. Let’s look at the list of top IoT app development companies.

List of Top IoT Companies to explore in 2021


Headquartered in the USA, LeewayHertz, as an IoT development company, provides full-stack IoT services, including consulting, prototype development, embedded software development, AI edge processing, analytics and support. The team of IoT experts at LeewayHertz helps startups and enterprises launch IoT solutions, update an existing IoT application and integrate any IoT solution with a legacy system.

They have worked on several IoT projects, including a multi-room speaker control app, the world’s first tea-making robot, EV charging app, freight tracking system and many more. Partnered with top OEM manufacturers in the market, they ensure that the clients benefit from steady reliability across solutions.




San Francisco, CA

TraceRx, WeeSign, Armanino

HQ Software

HQ Software is a digital transformation firm that provides various services, including consulting, mobile and web app development and software re-engineering. As an IoT service provider, they help organizations unlock the business value of connected IoT devices.

They focus on every aspect of IoT ecosystems, including IoT consulting, firmware development, customized IoT platform development and cloud deployment.




Livingston, NJ, USA

Infura, Alethio


iTechArt is a software development company that provides startups and fast-growing tech companies with scalable digital products and dedicated engineering teams. They build secure IoT solutions with deep analytical layers.

Their IoT development services include IoT app development, API deployment, third-party integration, IoT gateway deployment, data analytics and connectivity with wearables. Their IoT expertise is mainly in consumer IoT and industrial IoT.




Hong Kong, Hong Kong

DRun, Dtalk, ClickABite


Headquartered in Houston, Softeq is a full-stack IoT development company that offers a combination of app software and hardware level expertise in IoT. Their custom IoT solutions for end-users and businesses include consumer IoT, healthcare IoT and industrial IoT solutions.

The team of IoT experts at Softeq works on a wide range of IoT services, including hardware design, firmware development, IoT dashboards and mobile app development for connected devices.





Telstra, Innoverse


Based in Ukraine, Softengi is a software development company specialized in custom software development, AI and AR/VR development. They build scalable IoT hardware and software for clients, including mobile and web apps and sensors.

They have worked on few IoT projects that include an application for automated door unlocking and an asset tracking system for the oil and gas industry.





Physiolab, Grassroot

Intuz is a custom mobile, web and IoT app development company that provides IoT-based firmware consulting, development and support services. They have worked on multiple IoT projects, including Media Player for 3D Display, Control Electronics for the two-pulses x-ray machine, remote monitoring systems for the pump control and gsm-based remote monitoring and control system.




United States


IS Soft Solutions

IS Soft Solutions is a software development company that offers scalable and secure IoT solutions to startups and enterprises. As a part of the IoT journey, the company provides full-fledged IoT development services, including embedded software, firmware and API development, cloud server deployment and IoT gateway deployment. They build IoT solutions for various industries such as agriculture, energy, healthcare and sports and fitness.




San Antonio



Oxagile, one of the leading IoT development companies, provides a full range of IoT services, from consulting to IoT software development, hardware prototyping, integration and continuous improvement.

Leveraging its AI, ML, Computer Vision and Big Data expertise, Oxagile delivers innovative connected solutions and IoT ecosystems. They have built enterprise-grade IoT solutions for healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, retail and various other industries.

$10 – 25/hr

1,000 – 9,999



S7 Airlines


SoluLab is a custom software and mobile app development firm that delivers custom software solution services to small to large organizations. They provide a wide range of specialties – mobile app development, blockchain app development, SaaS product development and IoT app development.

They are helping businesses automate processes and improve their ROI by providing IoT development services. Their IoT development services include web Bluetooth app development and iBeacon app development.


$50 – $99/hr




Denso, Persol

Dogtown Media

Based in California, Dogtown Media is specialized in app development, AI development and IoT app development. Combining expertise in project management, design, development and marketing, they ensure to design and deliver an IoT solution from start to finish.




Bengaluru, India

Yowza, Nautica

The Internet of Things technology connects everyday devices to the internet. It allows all the devices accessible to you to communicate and be connected at all times. You can control IoT devices wherever you are, improving the quality of life and making lives easier. 

The top IoT companies mentioned above have experience building IoT software and firmware for digital devices that can help you streamline processes to enhance efficiency. 

Before you select an IoT development company, ensure that you understand your goal and the need to implement IoT solutions. 

We have a team of IoT development experts who can assist you from ideation to tech stack identification and development of the IoT product. 

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