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Uber and Twitter patents referring to our inventions

We developed “Enhanced Geocoding” technology which was patented as #US8538679 to locate physical addresses on the street using a complex reverse geocoding algorithm, which is now being referenced by Uber in their patent #US9389096.

In 2011 while building a sales enablement tool for an iPad, Akash Takyar, the founder and Chief Architect at LeewayHertz invented an enhanced reverse geocoding algorithm. The technology allows a user on the street with the help of an app to see the physical addresses of the buildings around him on a map. An example of the technology could be, a door to door sales person can see the addresses around him in real time and make a go or no-go decision.

“Enhanced Geocoding algorithm is used to determine various physical addresses located on the same street. The module creates a grid around a predetermined location and requests the physical addresses of various coordinate points located on the grid.”

Uber has drivers all over the street, and they may be using the technology to identify the customer address more accurately. It could provide drivers and passengers a better experience to find the route.


This press release is originally published in Digital Journal.

Author’s Bio

Akash Takyar
Akash Takyar
CEO LeewayHertz
Akash Takyar is the author of Blockchain Technology and Business book. He is the co-founder of LeewayHertz and is a consultant to fortune 500 companies including Siemens, 3M, Hershey’s and others. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Akash’s experience of building over 100+ apps allows him to rapidly architect and design solutions. His ability to explain complex technologies in simple and practical ways has resulted in him becoming a popular speaker at colleges, universities, and conferences.

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